We’re all going to freeze to death and run out of food


Are we currenty facing a minor cold blip or “OMG we’re all going to freeze to death and run out of food.” ANSWER: We are looking at an unbelievable decline in the energy output of the sun which appears to be the most rapid decline in nearly 10,000 years. And this rapid cooling will have some really bad consequences…

deep freeze 1709, mini ice age, Mini ice age during 1709 Deep Freeze
Mini ice age during 1709 Deep Freeze

The Global Warming crowd may be setting society up for mass famine and death because they are deliberately pointing everyone in the opposite direction to get their portion of the $1 billion grants.

Natural disasters are the most disastrous when the energy output of the sun declines. There has been a fatal interaction of ecological, agricultural, economic, and political factors that seem to be setting the stage for at least a repeat of what is known as the Great Famine of 1315-1317.

The Great Famine started with bad weather in spring 1315. Crop failures lasted through 1316 until the summer harvest in 1317, and Europe did not fully recover until 1322. The period was marked by extreme levels of crime, disease, mass death and even cannibalism and infanticide. The crisis set in motion the great economic collapse that began during the fourteenth century. In our arrogance, we seem to believe we have conquered every aspect of the planet and many argue we can even alter the climate of the planet.

The collapse from the Medieval Warm period was rapid, but also deadly. When the climate turned down, what followed was suddenly bitter cold winters and drenching rains which then froze. Europe had expanded as the society always does in warm periods.

black death, plague, mini ice age, consequences of cooling on earth
The Black Death 14th Century

Plagues correlate to the decline in temperature. During the 14th century, there were warnings in the form of rumors that told of a great plague in China and India that killed most of the populations there. The plague made its way to Europe when the Kipchak forces were besieging the Genoese trading post in the Crimea (Ukraine). The Kipchaks began to catapult plague-infested corpses over the walls and into the trading post. The disease spread quickly and the Genoese abandoned the outpost. They sailed back to Europe stopping in Sicily in 1347 taking the Black Death with them.

Four centuries of global warming left Europe with mild temperatures, which were the highest in 8,000 years. This led to the great economic expansion and the rebirth of trade and the economy. In fact, gold began to reappear in the coinage after about 600 years. This was the Great Medieval Warming period that marked the rebirth of civilization following the fall of the Roman Empire. The European continent’s farmers expanded agriculture and planted crops on vast quantities of land previously unsuitable for agriculture. This led to the increased food supply which, like desert rodents, fueled a population explosion that tripled the number of people in medieval Europe.

deep freeze 1709, mini ice age, Mini ice age during 1709 Deep Freeze
Climate change goes up and down…. It’s a cyclic phenomenon

First, we have the sharp decline in weather. This resulted in those marginal lands that had been cultivated ceasing to produce crops as frosts and floods dominated the climate. Millions of extra mouths had to be fed and many died from the famine. Rebellions and civil wars emerged and this, in turn, exacerbated the crisis. Then the terrible weather turned deadly and the first disease began to appear in the livestock. Two consecutive harvest failures in 1314 and 1315 launched seven years of famine, resulting in the deaths of between 5% and 12% of the population of northern Europe.

Yes, there have been famines caused by mankind. The worst in history remains that which occurred during the 20th century. This was the Russian famine created by Communism. Stalin’s forced collectivization program starved to death some 5 million Russians. Stalin took the food from Ukraine for Russia resulting in another 8 million Ukrainian deaths. Some 25 million Chinese died of hunger as a consequence of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, which also completely failed when bureaucrats try to run things from a central government perspective. Both of these modern famines were the result of Socialism/Communism taking the control away from the individual and handing it to bureaucrats in the central office.

The concern here is the correlations of pandemics to the decline in the energy output of the sun. That decline from the Medieval Warming Period set in motion what many call the Little Ice Age. Even after the extreme low, Europe is rapidly turning colder much faster than expected in what we would call technically a retest of the lows. That sharp decline was a real global cooling period for Europe known as the Deep Freeze of 1709. In the first few months of 1709 remained in a deep freeze that again wiped out food supplies. People were ice-skating on the canals of Venice, which against was highly unusual to see such cold that far south on the water. People could cross the Baltic Sea on horseback because it was completely frozen! You could not ring a church bell because it would shatter it was that cold.

Therefore, to answer the question do we face an OMG event with famine? The answer is yes! The worst of this may come during the 2020-2024 period. I have reported that it appears the next 8.6-year wave on the ECM maybe setting up for a rally in commodities. That will include food.

So be prepared!

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  1. The cold weather might be to control the population of Cold Blooded Creatures such as Royal Families all over the world including Japanese Emperor. Recently, the book “Emperor is a Draconian” has become a best seller in Japan.

    • Actually reptiles prefer very much warm and tropical climates and most are found in subtropical and tropical areas, many in jungles, and few in balanced climates (mostly in summer). So Reptilians (or Draconians) surely love hot climate, not cold.

  2. The balanced ( over millions of years) earths response to human warming through 24-7 air traffic saturation , Micro wave saturation by electronic device madness and auto emissions is to put the freeze on.The improbability of shutting these things down due to loss of profit could lead to the demise of us all!

  3. Maybe they can start making indoors growing on a massive scale with modern technology? I mean it beats starving to death unless that is their goal. People generally don’t realize how fragile our existence really is.

  4. Very interesting article. And all of this seem to be very very real. Especially lack of energy going from the Sun – I can feel it very clearly just by soul! Since end of September 2016 everything is somehow dying. Weather is being worse and worse, people are more exhausted, culture and traditions are falling, relationships too… crazy! In my region of Poland, the 2017 summer was probably coldest I remember. The highest temperature was 30*C but lasted…. 15 minutes. Main temperatures were 15-20*C and mostly cloudy days. Very strange, because always average summer day temperature was 28*C with often heat waves reaching 35-40*C.

    And it may be belived or not, it also affected entire spiritual activity. In years 2011-mid 2016 there were really plenty of various ghosts, spirits, demons, aliens and monsters haunting many people in dreams, visions or just by dropping things. There were massive spiritual wars and massive awakening in consciousness – many people started to remember past incarnations, lives and how to use their energies, including fighting with many creatures. Summers in these years seemed to be very warm, but after this end of 2016… Everything juest died and almost everyday many people feel like during solar eclipse – exhausted, ill, bored, depressed etc. Like entire Earth would just suddenly die.

    • They will not leave poor and midclass population to freeze and starve because the population are the WORKERS and TAX PAYERS for them. All midclass engineers, designers, doctors, scientists, inventors, lawyers, accountants and military and police officers are these who are producing their welfare, technology availability and care about their health and safety. And of course the poor class (powerplant workers, water facility workers, factory workers, warehouse workers, construction workers, road workers, cleaners, cashiers, drivers etc) has no other way to live than to work for them. Without poor class the wealthy class wouldn`t have most commodities, roads, railways, transport, electricity, water, heat, not to mention mobile network, radio, TV or internet. Rich are living on poor class work, they wouldn`t be able at all to build all these utilities by own hands.

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