Robot bees: Bee-sized drones to pollinate crops


Fleets of robobees could now be deployed if natural populations continue to collapse. A leading expert told the world’s biggest science conference the technology is now here to programme bee-sized drones to pollinate crops. Japanese scientists have developed a remotely controlled drone the size of a dragonfly which was able to pollinate lilies.

robot bees, robobees, Robot bees could start pollinating crops if their population collapses
Robot bees could start pollinating crops if their population collapses. via Harvard

Amazing there are different kind of prototypes that can even dive, swim and jump:

Yes that’s no Science Fiction anymore.

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via Mirror


  1. Great for Robot Kind, but bespeaks of certain of mankind being so idiotic as to be a danger to others as in crime against humanity. The US & JAPAN are responsible for the gigantic die off of insects and ocean food chain animal life on account of their monetary interests not wanting to contain the 600 tons of plutonium burning int the pacific ocean causing radioactive material to go into the oceans and the air, FUKUSHIMA can be contained

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