These two ancient skulls discovered in China appear to be hybrids of humans, neanderthals and a third mysterious race

Two 100,000-year-old skulls unearthed in China are up-ending ideas about human evolution. They appear to be hybrids of humans, neanderthals — and a third mysterious race. the so-called ‘mosaic’ skulls link to mysterious Denisovan humans who went extinct in the last ice age…

Two ancient skulls found in China , human hybrid skull china, skull human hybrid unearthed in china
Two ancient skulls found in China described as hybrids of humans, neanderthals and a third mysterious race. via BBC

he partial skulls, unearthed at the Lingjing excavation site in Xuchang, central China, offer new evidence of the behaviour and distribution of pre and early human populations in Eurasia. The new hominid skulls suggest a ‘hybrid’ human, mixed from humans, neandertals and a third unknown bloodline. And it’s largely unexpected.

They display the large brain capacity, lightly-built cranial vaults and modest bone rides on the brow, similar to early modern humans. Moreover, they display a low and board braincase which rounds on to the inferior skull (underside of the skull), as with Middle Pleistocene early Eurasian humans. Finally, they have semicircular structures in the inner-ears and an arrangement of the rear skull similar to that of Eurasian Neandertals.

Put together, these three separate and distinct traits suggest an intermixing of existing human ancestors.

Denisovan, Denisovan skulls china, skulls mysterious ancient Denisovans, Two ancient skulls found in China , human hybrid skull china, skull human hybrid unearthed in china
Could these skulls be from the mysterious, ancient Denisovans? via Science Paper

I don’t like to think of these fossils as those of hybrids. Hybridisation implies that all of these groups were separate and discrete, only occasionally interacting. What these fossils show is that these groups were basically not separate. The idea that there were separate lineages in different parts of the world is increasingly contradicted by the evidence we are unearthing.

But are these two new skulls our first good look at a Denisovan?

Whatever their origin, the new skulls paint a much more confused picture than the traditionally accepted one of separate populations living largely independent of each other. It all adds up to a growing rethink of the whole ‘out of Africa’ theory.

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via,  Science

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  1. What we read about in Genesis is not about the original creation. The Bible makes it plain that the Earth was already here when the six day creation started. The Earth had to be recreated at the time probably because of Satan’s rebellion that caused devestation in all or most of creation.

    • it’s simple. you subtract 6 from 100, that gives you 94. 9+4 = 13, so, we just ignore 13. Ever go into a tall building and see a 13 on the elevator panel? Nope. 12? yes. 14? yes. 13? Nope.

      So, if you believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, then you are by no means a stranger to the concept in believing in what you want to believe and ignoring the rest. (and I concede, Mary, that you might have been stating that sarcastically)

      This is not an attack on those who believe the 6,000 year old part. It is a calculation from the bible of how many generations are listed from Adam and Eve. It could mean that Adam and Eve existed 6,000 years ago, I have no idea. It could also mean that God created all of this in 7 days, just not in a row, or a day was 750 million years back then. My point is, don’t fall into the trap of equating those raised in religious faith as being stupid. It is fashionable to thing that “us athiests” (I am not one) are smarter than any person of faith. Einstein made his belief in God no secret.

  2. Mysterious race ? Simple . Genesis speaks of the fallen angels or nephilim coming to earth and leaving their heavenly realm . They mated with women and produced a hybrid race . They were called demigods or the men of renown such as Hercules. Giants were also the product as well . Goliath , king og and others . It’s not all such a mystery if you are intelligent enough to look .