Look! Water is gushing out of this tree in Montenegro and it’s totally weird


Is that the greatest miracle of the year? Look at that! The water has suddenly started running out of this tree, turning the old mulberry tree in a village in Montenegro into a gushing spring. Now learn what’s behing this very rare and strange phenomenon in the video below:

Similar phenomena have previously occurred in Cameroun, India and Futo.

Water comes out of tree in Montenegro in February 2018, video Water comes out of tree in Montenegro in February 2018, video water tree montenegro
Water comes out of tree in Montenegro in February 2018.

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  1. This is interesting phenomenon. If I had this tree, I would not need to have city tap water with all sorts of poisons “they” (= reptilian authority & government) mixed for us (=human cattle). I really fed up the stinky chemical tap water in Alabama.

    It looks like now is the really earth changing time. In north of Japan, thousands of sardines washed up. Some people pick them up and eat. People said “This is the first time to see so many sardines washed up on the beach”. This phenomenon had been seen quite large area in north Japan. They become half dead because of too cold tempature in the water. More info: Youtube “イワシの大量漂着相次ぐ 地元漁師「はじめて」(18/02/07)”

    Now japan has so much snow. Thousands of cars and trucks had been stuck on roads or highways. Some area had accumulated snow 3 meters high over a night. All the cars parked were buried by snow. Many drivers were stranded for more than 35 hours. One of the trucks had carried mass production bread. The driver of the bread truck started unload all the bread, and people started getting those bread for free. Japan Defence Force was deployed to remove snow from the major highway, and they gave those stranded drivers rice balls and tea. More info: Youtube “いつ復旧? 大雪巻き込まれたトラックがパン配布も(18/02/07)”

    The last one is “Sun Pillar” appeared in Japan. Youtube “岐阜市で「サンピラー」撮影 氷の結晶に太陽光反射(18/02/07)”

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