Mass bird die-off in British Columbia, Canada – Like hundreds of birds dead on the road and around it


Like an ominous scene from a Hitchcock film, another bird mass die-off occurred. This time in Canada, where a flock of dead birds covered the road in the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia.

dead birds fall from sky okanagan bc, dead birds fall from sky okanagan bc march 2018
More than hundred birds were found dead on a road in the Okanagan Valley, BC on March 10, 2018. Mary via Castanet

There were what seemed like hundreds of birds dead on the road and around it,” Mary said.

She identified the birds as starlings, an invasive species in the Okanagan, and snapped a photo. Her daughter then sent the picture to Castanet in the hope that an explanation could be found. The Canadian Wildlife Service was very interested in the information, and have set out to conduct an investigation.

Anytime three or more dead birds are found in an area, we want to know about that,” said Tanya Luszcz, with the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Possible causes could include accidental poisoning from fermented fruit or a disease. People who come across dead wild birds are urged to contact the government to help aid their efforts in tracking wild deaths and diseases.

Staff from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development have recovered a specimen from the site. The bird has been submitted for testing to determine the cause of death. Results are expected in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Ask the United States Navy Department if their acoustic warfare testing on the state of Washington had any thing to do with wildlife disruption.

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