Mysterious light flashes across sky and causes loud bang over San Jose, California – Powerful explosion rattles houses and sets off car alarms (video)


What was this mysterious light that flashed across sky and caused a loud bang in the sky above San Jose, California on March 25, 2018? Hundreds of people reported spotting and hearing the bizarre event as it rattled houses in the neighbourhood just before midnight.

A mysterious light in the sky and a loud boom rattled some South Bay neighborhoods late Sunday night.

Hundreds of people who live near Branham High School in South San Jose reported on the community network Nextdoor hearing it Sunday just before midnight.

The video posted to a South San Jose Nextdoor page shows a small light travel across the sky for about a minute. Then there’s a flash and boom.

The sky event shook windows, and set off car alarms.

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A large fireball exploded over San Jose, California on March 25, 2018.

New Year’s Eve there’s always mortars or M-100s or M-1000s, going off around here,” Johnson said. “We know what those sound like. This was nothing like it.

He’s not alone. The neighborhood Nextdoor page had more than 120 comments. People said it sounded like it was right outside their front door.

The next video was published with this description: At approximately 12 midnight, on the dot, a loud explosion was heard in the skies over south San Jose, California. My Nest Outdoor camera captured this footage. We cant explain what it is; as Flight Radar does not show a single airplane in the field of view of this camera. The BOOM was so earth shaking, that many residents reported feeling the vibration through their chest and body.

I thought at first maybe the transformer blew, but we’ve had that happen before, and it wasn’t that,” said Cynthia Husted.

We asked the FAA if they could identify the flying object. A spokesperson didn’t want to guess but said it didn’t look like any aircraft operation.

What about a nice big fireball exploding in the sky guys? Nothing was reported on the American Meteor Society on this date…

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  1. This has been happening in Tucson, Arizona too. It’s been happening tonight and for the last two nights (today is March 31, 2018).

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