I have no words to describe these very strange clouds in the sky over Nebraska


These very bizarre clouds were captured rolling over Nebraska on June 13, 2018 in the afternoon (around 3pm). And they are just amazing!

nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Crazy clouds taken on June 13, 2018 South of Steinauer, NE by Dedra Schreiner Blecha via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Crazy clouds taken on June 13, 2018 South of Steinauer, NE by Dedra Schreiner Blecha via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Crazy clouds taken on June 13, 2018 South of Steinauer, NE by Dedra Schreiner Blecha via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Crazy clouds taken on June 13, 2018 South of Steinauer, NE by Dedra Schreiner Blecha via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
This crazy cloud was taken in Beatrice, NE at 2:50 PM on June 13, 2018 by Dedra Schreiner Blecha via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Amazing clouds in Deshler, NE on June 13, 2018 by Stephanie Mousel via ‎Nebraska through the lens
nebraska crazy clouds, bizarre clouds nebraska, amazing clouds nebraska
Bizarre clouds looking like a tsunami taken in Beatrice, Nebraska and shared by Jared Kleine on ‎Nebraska through the lens.

and finally a video of this unbelievable cloud formation over Nebraska:

I have never seen something like that over my head!

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  2. I follow such phenomena for years and I see that most of strange clouds, sounds etc occur in US and its territories. In other parts of planet events are less severe and there is less of them I think. Am I right? Or these changes are prevalent equally through the planet?

  3. Today’s seismograph movement all over the world

    It looks like Canary Islands are getting active magma movement, and might erupt some volcanoes on the islands. The seismograph of Cliffs of the Neuse, North Carolina, USA has strange movement. The reptilian secret underground base around there might be attacked. There was a shock wave movement. There might be some weak tremor recorded.

  4. Dangerous, Golden ‘Hair’ Sprouts from Hawaii Volcano ?

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  5. Please go to GEOENGINEERING WATCH dane wiggington site for information on Geo-engineering the weather. Do this now please that you can know what is going on above you DAILY and monthly.

  6. Seen this sky over Oregon many times… welcome to your Frankenstein Future… all we need now is the lightning bolt (5G) to bring it to life! All you can do is get right with Jesus! Now!!

  7. This is called CLIMATE ENGINEERING. For verifiable facts and data on Geoengineering operations that have gone on for 70 plus years but ramped up immensely in the last 20 please go to Geoengineeringwatch.org. Dane Wiggington is the lead researcher. There you will find a repository website. All credible data to help awaken the masses of the worst HUMAN SECRET OPERATION ever unleashed over the human population. TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE, investigate, pass on so the population can understand whats being done to them.

      • Chemtrails, solar radiation management, scaler waves, whatever you want to call it they don’t have our informed consent to all this.

      • Mostly recent fires and volcanoes in the last en years or so,do negative thing get negative results and God knows that!There is so much matter in the wind and skies it creates these phenomenum. It was not the Red sea but the Reed sea and god cuased a valcanoe to erupt and the sea went back allowing the jews to escape,when the egyptions crossed the sea returned.

  8. You see, the Cern tests are in fact changing our world pretty soon great and powerful manifestations will appear, in such that it will invoke terror in the heart of man, and the outside world will hide.

  9. Easy. . Somebody’s practicing zeroing techniques of Scalar Wave Telemetry (go look it up yourselves). The striations in the clouds will always focus around a central hub or axis, which is an EM vortex formed above a hot spot (Tesla’s wireless directed transfer of electrical power application). Harmless, but it confuses the heck out of any birds flying through it.

  10. Many storms now produce clouds that have never been seen before. All due to the geo-engineering constantly in progress above us.

  11. Guess that is what it would look like if the Earth was to go out of it’s axis due to niburu. The oceans would topple over us and kill us all. It would be justice.

  12. Very interesting, they’re definitely geoengineered, you can tell by the symmetrical lines. I call these HAARP clouds, you see alot of weird unnatural clouds, these days.

  13. We has very similar skies over Wyoming just this week…Also this last week, we had the very strange plasma type lighting storm where there was no thunder at all…Hundreds if not, thousands of lightning strikes, a veritable lightning storm, no rain, no thunder at all…Not one boom…Was thrilling and terrifying to watch…Never seen anything like the weather and skies we have had over the past year in all my 43 years…Strange Skies…Strange Sounds…Just two weeks ago here, had no clouds in the sky, and no jets overhead, and very dull, rolling type of thunder coming from the ground beneath me…Sounded to me like what you would think magma might sound like moving beneath you…OR quite possibly, some kind of underground tunnel activity…Seems more likely too me though, considering the amount of geological activity ongoing, that it is related to moving magma or earthquake activity…I have a funny thought for you all out there…I live near Devil’s Tower Wyoming…I grew up coming to this national park…It was part of my elementary history classes, and the many tours I took as a child, I have heard the story, as many of you also have, that this GIGANTIC TOWER is part of an extinct volcano…With UNEXPLAINED hexagon shaped sides…Here is where it gets STRANGE, and points to the LIES…When you do a study of “EXTINCT” or “DEAD” volcanoes in this area, DEVIL’S TOWER DOES NOT COME UP…!! There is NO USGS Observatory here, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN ONE…!!! There has NEVER ONCE been a geological team to study this ABSURDLY called “extinct volcano”…It is PLAINLY and CLEARLY because they all know, what many are coming to also know…Devil’s Tower is NO MORE an extinct volcano that Mt. Rushmore is a “NATURALLY” occurring “rock formation”…!!! When you do a SIMPLE study of fossilized tree’s or plants, you can CLEARLY make out the VERY SAME hex shapes you find not only at Devil’s Tower, but several other locations with similar rocks…Why are they hiding the truth…? The same reason they are hiding the GIANT skeletons from you….The same reason they are hiding ALL the evidence that shows the Bible is an EXACT telling of our history…They are trying to hide GOD and the Biblical truths from all of us…When you look at all the things happening all over the earth right now, and you read you Biblical prophecies for the “end times” they are an EXACT MATCH…These clouds you see above…Kilauea…Fuego…Yellowstone…Strange Sounds….All pointing to the hour we are in…The very late hour we are in….

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