Mysterious purple clouds over Pozo Almonte, Chile mystify residents (pictures and videos)

Purple clouds mystify residents of a small town in Chile
Purple clouds mystify residents of a small town in Chile. Picture via Twitter

A purple cloud mysteriously appeared in the sky above the town of Pozo Almonte in Chile leaving the residents bewildered on Sunday morning, August 21.

An incredible image shows the purple tint stretching across the skyline during the daytime.

After several residents contacted the police, officials launched a probe into the purple haze, which is believed to be caused as a result of iodine vapour seeping from the Cala Cala mine.

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The mine site is reportedly owned by the Saltpetre and Iodine Company (Cosayach), and the cloud was formed due to a pump failure. Deputy head of Chile’s Tarapaca Region, Christian Ibanez, said, “We are carrying out an inspection, which tells us that this incident was due to the failure of a motor of the impeller pump.”

As per environmental officials, the fault caused idione at the mine to change from a solid to a gaseous state. Upon receiving heat, the element forms a violet vapour. Iodine, in its pure form, is also purple.

Representative of Tarapaca Region Daniel Quinteros addressed the locals, “Until now, there have been no medical consultations or affectations as a result of the situation we are experiencing.

He added, “We are also in contact with the Superintendency of Environment so that tomorrow we can evaluate the filing of a complaint for non-compliance with the regulations and the commitments made by the company in environmental matters.

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Officials were present at the site for 48 hours to monitor the situation after which the cloud faded away.

In a seperate incident, exquisite photographs were acquired of a massive sinkhole connected to a copper mine that appeared in northern Chile. The 82-foot-wide hole, which is also reported to be more than 650 feet deep, inexplicably formed on July 30 in the Atacama Region’s Tierra Amarilla commune, adjacent to the enormous Alcaparrosa mine.

Something like that may have happened:

Aerial photos of the unusual event, which occurred on grounds owned and controlled by Canadian copper mine company Lundin Mining and located about 413 miles north of Santiago, Chile’s capital, were provided by Chilean media. On July 31, Sunday, the town’s mayor, Cristobal Zuniga, verified the existence of the sinkhole, which is just outside the town, and expressed concern of local resident that excessive mining in the area would have disastrous effects.

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Although there has been no official proof that the sinkhole was brought on by mining operations, local officials claim that the hole is indeed expanding. “It is still active, it is still growing and it is something that has not previously been seen in our community,” stated Mayor Zuniga. [MEAWW] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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