M6.1 Earthquake Kills At Least 3 And Injures Over 200 More In Japan


A video about the strong quake that hit near Osaka, Japan on June 17, 2018.

Here the map showing the epicenter and the shake zones:

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A strong M6.1 earthquake hit Osaka, Japan on June 17, 2018. via USGS

Take care!

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  1. Hail storm shatters glass, damages homes, cars in Fountain

    A guy said about the hail storm damage “We had better sealed up before the NEXT ROUND!”
    At 0:48 on this video, you can see the seal of National Rifle Association on the completely hail demolished car. There is nothing good happening around the south Colorado where I had a plan to go camping. I am glad that I am still in Alabama.

    • Hail storm shatters glass, damages homes, cars in Fountain

      “Holes in windows, holes in cars, and holes in houses; that’s the result of El Paso County’s worst overnight hailstorm in over 20 years.”

      I have checked where El Paso County is. I have found out the county has so many military bases and military schools. Yes, El Paso County is the hub of Military Industrial Complex. No wonder this area became a target of Galactic Federation of Light.

  2. 10 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!

    Even ice cream has coolant in it, the same as the coolant in your car, yes, coolant in food grade. Check it out! If you see some kinds of chemicals in the ingredients description, just stay away! Recently, people are consuming too much preservatives, their dead bodies do not decompose very much. The only solution is to cook your own food from scratch.

  3. Separated undocumented families held in cages at Texas facility

    I hope those separated children from their families are not end up Human Meat Factories or Blood Sacrifice. Reptilian entities always separate children from families so that they can easily abduct children as their food. During WWII, in Okinawa Island, many witnesses saw US military abducted many truck loads of young children and young women. They had never come back.

    • US lost track of 1,500 immigrant children, but says it’s not ‘legally responsible’

      After US Federal Government separate those children from their family, Government put those children into the custody of sponsors (the organization running this program and paying money for this program). Then Government stop tracking where those children end up. That is why Government does not know where those children anymore. They might end up Human Meat factories or Blood Sacrifice. As you know, those elite reptilians, who are running these systems and disguising as humans, need human blood to keep their human shape.

  4. Evidence Warned Growing That Gulf Of Mexico “Supervolcano” May Be Preparing to Erupt

    I had lived in Clearwater, Florida for 10 years, and had been on beaches around there many times. I found smooth black or dark grey colored glass looking rocks many times. Some people showed me that they cracked some big rocks and inside was crystallized. These rocks prove that there are many underwater volcanoes in Gulf of Mexico. It is obvious that there were volcano activities in Gulf of Mexico.

    Some said that BP Oil rig explosion that we saw on TV was FAKE computer graphics, and actually it was volcano eruption. We did not see that BP Oil rig explosion with our own eyes, so it might be FAKE computer graphics. Reptilian entities including CIA and TV stations are always creating some FAKE incidences with FAKE images to show us.


    Any gigantic constructions include dams, tunnels, skyscrapers, highways, religious buildings, etc… have also reptilian secret underground bases under them. Some of public construction costs are too high? Of course, they are building secret bases under them by your tax money. They do not even tell you that they are building something else, too.

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