Hundreds of Galah birds mysteriously fall from the sky in Burra, Australia


About 200 galahs have been found dead in the South Australian town of Burra, prompting investigations by the state’s Department for Environment and Water and the local council. Dead birds started turning up in the historic Mid North town last Wednesday, with numbers increasing to about 200 by Monday, according to Animal Rescue and Care co-ordinator Ruth Norris. The birds otherwise looked healthy and weren’t “grain gorging”.

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Some of the dead galah birds found in Burra, Australia. via Facebook

Animal Rescue and Care co-ordinator Ruth Norris said the birds otherwise looked healthy and it was not obvious how they had died.

We’re wondering whether someone has put some poison down inadvertently — a fertiliser, poison, or whether it was an actual purposeful poisoning, I don’t know. We’re hoping to send some off to PIRSA [Primary Industries and Regions SA] or a lab to get tested. Apart from that, they all appear adult and healthy.

Mysterious death

They were all found in a small area around the old courthouse and police house lockup, on Sancreed Street, in North Burra — an area where galahs tend to congregate.

Ms Norris said this meant it was unlikely they had died from gorging on germinating seeds from local farms. In that case, dead birds would have been found in a much larger area.

A necropsy revealed very little grain in their stomachs.They’ve got good body condition so it’s not a weather event, it’s not a disease, it appears to be a very unusual event or even suspicious,” she said. Cats and dogs which had touched the galahs had not become sick, she said.

galah, hundreds galahs mysteriously die burra australia, galahs mysteriously die burra, galahs die-off burra australia
A ‘normal ‘juvenile Galah in suburban Sydney, Australia. By Toby Hudson via Wikipedia

Authorities are investigating the strange die-off

A Department for Environment and Water spokeswoman said staff were “looking into the circumstances” of the deaths following the Facebook post and media enquiries, however no official report had been made.

Galahs are not a protected species in South Australia, however they can only be killed by shooting.

Regional Council of Goyder chief executive David Stevenson said the council had sent off some of the dead birds to the Natural Resources office in Clare for investigation.

galah, hundreds galahs mysteriously die burra australia, galahs mysteriously die burra, galahs die-off burra australia
Hundreds of galah birds mysteriously found dead in Burra, South Australia. via Facebook

While galahs were common in the grain-farming area, he said it was concerning to find so many dead in suspicious circumstances:

We’re very concerned, particularly that we don’t know what has caused this. It seems that it’s only affected galahs. I guess the jury’s out until we hear from the experts.

That’s really weird. Hundreds of birds suddenly fall from the sky and nobody can explain the weird phenomenon? I doubt!

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ABC News – Hundreds of galahs mysteriously found dead in Burra


  1. Not only looking for toxic chemicals, it can also be a new radio technology, something like this has already been observed at 5G. The proximity of a police building makes me think of the new radio technology they have to use. It made me sick.

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  8. These mass die offs of birds disturb me. We’ll wait to see what the results are of these latest deaths. Could these mysterious deaths be due to some type of errant electricity charge(s) we’re unaware of? When we read about mass deaths of birds (some just falling from the sky) in different parts of the world I believe it’s time to look at a common connection.

  9. Anything could happened.Suspect may be being poisoned.I believe in great numbers these birds may cause damage to farmers. HAARP, Chemtrails,EMF or alike modern High Technology perhaps or any spraying? Lately we hear reports of dying off suddenly different species of animals and insects in great numbers, including bees.A big concern what is happening to the ecology by man’s irresponsible activities.

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