Two meteorite-like hot stones fall from the sky in India and this is not first time it has happened in this village


Two hot “stones” have fallen from the sky in Uttar Pradesh’s village of Kasoli. The meteorite-like objects will be examined by a team and will identify the nature of the unearthly object. But this is not the first time.

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Two possible hot meteorites fell from the sky in a village in India on June 29, 2018. Photo Credit: BCCL

Things from space or falling from the sky have always fascinated people. On Friday, two hot “meteorite-looking” stones fell down from the sky in a loud boom in the village of Kasoli in Uttar Pradesh. The ‘space’ stones will be investigated by experts to confirm their origin from within our solar system.

A geography professor from a local collegesaid the two “stones” could be a part of a bigger meteoroid that exploded while disintegrating in Earth’s atmosphere.

It is not the first time that a meteorite fell in Kasoli village. In November 2003, a 11 cm thick and 29 cm long meteorite, created a 15-inch deep crater when it landed in the village. Another case of two meteorites was reported in Karimpur village.

A real falling star! Imagine that!

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Two meteorite-like objects found in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasoli, but this is not first time it has happened


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