1427 dead. Not 64: Puerto Rico massively updates its Hurricane Maria death toll


The Puerto Rican government “quietly acknowledged” on Thursday that Hurricane Maria killed 1,427 residents. The government had previously said only 64 people died in the storm’s aftermath.

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Infrared satellite loop of Maria making landfall in Dominica on September 19, 2017. Just before devastating Puerto Rico.

The announcement came in a report detailing a $139 billion reconstruction plan needed to restore infrastructure across the entire island, which is home to 3.3 million people.

This is still a highly contested figure. A Harvard University study reports that anywhere from 800 to 8,500 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria.

Though some were killed amid the destruction of Hurricane Maria, many were killed in the storm’s aftermath because of nonfunctioning hospitals and a lack of medical care. Resulting power outages also caused an increase in deaths due to diabetes, heart illnesses, and sepsis.

Hurricanes Maria and Irma caused countrywide blackouts that broke records as the largest power outages in American history. Blackouts continue to persist on the island.

President Trump thinks the government has done a “great job” with rescue efforts. They should be “very proud,” he said.

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    • The number of deaths from all these earthquakes and after shocks has climbed to 381 in Indonesia.

  3. “Hurricane Maria killed 1,427 people” not 64 people. Wow, what a difference! Like this, in some other disasters like tornadoes, wildfires, flood, landslide and storms, the estimates of victims might be much higher. Governments have tendency to hide the real numbers of victims. In addition, many of victims might be non human species disguising as human from outer space or secret underground bases. I don’t think governments count them as humans.

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