It’s not just in Florida! Ecosystems collapse around the world as seagulls drop from the sky, millions of fish are dying, and whales are stranding unusually


While hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals are being killed by a devastating and unprecedented red tide in Florida, other parts in the world have also recorded many unusual animal mass die-offs these days. Here a long list of frightening examples:

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Ecosystem collapse. There are always more animal mass die-offs reported around the world

Seagulls drop dead from the sky in Saskatchewan, Canada

Gulls have been dropping from the sky at Turtle Lake, leading to an unsettling feeling for locals and campers coming across the dead young birds. Suzy Fey Pilat has found dozens of the birds lying around the beaches of the lake, located about 240 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. She’s also watched as the birds have fallen from the sky. “It feels like you’re in a horror movie. It’s crazy.” – CBC Canada

Millions of fish die in West Lake, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Beginning of last month, millions of dead fish started covering West Lake in Hanoi. The mass die-off started on July 7 and lasted until July 9. Investigations haven’t found any causes for the mass die-off yet. But it must have been very impressive. Look at the pictures by yourself – Zing

Dead blue whale found washed up on a Japanese beach

Hundreds of dead starfish washed ashore on Caranzalem beach, Goa, India without explanations

Scores of dead starfish washed ashore on Caranzalem beach, just walking distance from the popular Miramar beach, have baffled locals as their mortality had not been reported in recent years. The Caranzalem Bay at the mouth of River Mandovi, Goa’s biggest river often throws up unusual things. In 2011 and 2013, the beach covered by empty shales of bivalves and other molluscs. – Times of India

Thousands of sardines die in Mahahual, Mexico

Three beaked whales wash ashore in ‘highly unusual’ strandings in Ireland.

THREE BEAKED WHALES were found dead in three separate locations in Donegal and Mayo over the weekend. The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group has described the strandings as “highly unusual” for the deep-diving mammal. About 175 whale and dolphin strandings have been reported so far this year. – The Journal

animal mass die-off, animal mass die-off world, animal mass die-off worldaugust 2018, ecosystem collapse
Dead starfish covering Goa beach in India.

Hundreds of dead fish scattered across the Josiah’s Bay pond, Tortola

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour said it is investigating the cause of the major fish kill that happened at a pond in Josiah’s Bay, Tortola recently. In a brief conversation with BVI News at the pond on Monday, Permanent Secretary Ronald Smith-Berkeley said water quality tests will be conducted this week. Local authorities had said they suspect oxygen deprivation to be the cause of the issue, which killed hundreds of fish and a number of crabs. – BVI News

A ton of dead fish recovered near the German-Swiss border in the Rhine River

Thousands of dead fish have been recovered near the German-Swiss border despite man-made ‘cool pools’ to prevent fish fatalities. Europe is in the throes of a heat wave that is impacting life in many different ways. – DW

Thousands of dead fish appears in a lake in Utah

Ecosystems are collapsing one after the others. Get ready and be prepared!

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  1. […] It’s not just in Florida! Ecosystems collapse around the world as seagulls drop from the sky, mill… (August 8th) – While hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals are being killed by a devastating and unprecedented red tide in Florida, other parts in the world have also recorded many unusual animal mass die-offs these days. Here a long list of frightening examples. […]

  2. This has been going on for years now. There is another site on the web where they did nothing but keep up with and post major die-offs from all over the world.

  3. Guys I told you all, anyone who’d listen, over and over…
    Fukushima is an ELE – an extinction-level event.
    And all the dead birds? They’ve obviously been in the water.
    400+ tons of extremely (insanely) radioactive water has been pouring into the Pacific PER DAY.
    Since 2011! Including yesterday, today and – very likely – tomorrow.
    Day after day, week after week, month after month… you get the idea.
    It cannot be fixed. It cannot be mitigated. All the ‘experts’ and PhD-types are in agreement: there’s nothing that can be done!
    Therefore it will INEVITABLY reach every thing and everyone in even the most remote locations of the planet.
    Y’know, they can’t even send robots (with cameras on them) in there? The robots ‘cook’ within ~20 minutes.
    Nuclear power plants – a heck of a way to boil water, isn’t it?

  4. These things were written about long ago in the worlds best selling book. The problem with people with this is the news media is never going to report the severity of this, and the so called scientist will give you some kind of mumbo jumbo about it. Plain and simple read the book.

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  8. Who like to swim in the middle of stinky dead fish? I am glad that I have moved out of Florida. Without beautiful beach, Florida is just hot humid hell. I cannot stay outside too long because too hot and humid as if I am staying in a steamed sauna.

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