Curiosity rover just snapped a stunning 360-degree panorama of Mars


NASA’s Curiosity rover surveyed its surroundings on Aug. 9, 2018, producing a 360-degree panorama of its current location on Mars’ Vera Rubin Ridge. The panorama is pretty fantastic, and it’s even better when viewed in the 360-degree layout provided by YouTube. Removing all the distortion, you can actually look around and examine anything you want, including the rover itself.

The panorama includes skies darkened by a fading global dust storm and a view from the Mast Camera of the rover itself, revealing a thin layer of dust on Curiosity’s deck. In the foreground is the rover’s most recent drill target, named “Stoer” after a town in Scotland near where important discoveries about early life on Earth were made in lakebed sediments.

new 360 panorama of mars, picture mars 360 degree
New 360 panorama of Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Those “umber skies” are still pretty dusty, but they’re a whole lot brighter than they were a few weeks back when the planet-wide dust storm was still at full strength.

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Youtube – NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover on Vera Rubin Ridge (360 View)
BGR – NASA’s Curiosity rover just snapped a stunning 360-degree panorama of Mars


  1. WOW!!. It still works.
    The sun on Mars is 50% smaller. The sunlight on Mars is like the light of any sunset on our planet Earth. Its a dark orange hue (ocher color) and the ambient light is as if it were in mid-light. In the photo you can see the very rusty curiosity. The light Martian atmosphere is very corrosive and a working microwave by solar radiation. The Solar radiation (hits the Martian ground) originates sandstorms that may be long suspended in the light Martian atmosphere; and completely cover the entire planet.

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