Mystery ‘poop’ rains down on cars in drive-thru

Mystery ‘poop’ rains down on cars in drive-thru
Mystery ‘poop’ rains down on cars in drive-thru.

After a stinky mess, believed by a Minnesota family to be feces, rained down on multiple cars in a drive-thru, the origins of the substance are still unknown.

Like any other day, Carisa Browne and her son were waiting in the drive-thru line Monday at Caribou Coffee in Burnsville when suddenly, some foul-smelling stuff fell from the sky.

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“I was waiting in line, getting my daily coffee … and all of a sudden, brown dropped onto my vehicle,” Browne said. “It was like it rained brown for a second… I got out, and I went to the car in front of me. I was like, ‘What just happened to us?’ And he was like, ‘I have no idea.’”

Browne says her car and that of the driver in front of her were fully covered in the substance, which Browne believes was feces.

“I was looking around, like ‘Who threw it at us?’ But it was very high. It came straight down. It hit on my roof, on my hood. It was all the way down my side,” she said. “Also, my child was with me, so I’m glad the windows weren’t open.”

Browne’s young son described the experience.

“Something landed on my mom’s car,” he said. “It stinked. It was poop.”

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Browne didn’t see a flock of birds nearby or anything else she thought may have caused the substance to fall, so confusion and repulsion reigned.

“The odor was so strong that the woman who was handing me my coffee noted how much it smelled. I mean, my cat had something similar to it this morning, so I’ve had a lot today with the poop,” she said.

Browne, who studied to be an aircraft mechanic, adds that the residential area is under a flight path, and a waste dump from a plane may explain the situation.

“I don’t know why that would happen here,” she said. “I didn’t know that there was even a way to release it mid-flight, so that’s why I’m a little confused. I’m going to look into it.”

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Despite everything, Browne completed her transaction and got her daily coffee.

“It’s going to take a lot to stand between me and my coffee,” she said with a laugh.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission said they are not aware of any incidents related to flight activity.

Reporters are waiting to hear back from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on whether this could be the work of a large flock of birds. [Live5News]

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  1. All that crap in the sky reminds me of the value of paper currency. As you know, I love metals. Keep your eyes on metals. Been touting silver and gold for months up here. Even though metals came down slightly 1-2% this week, today they jumped up again. I don’t speculate on metals. My position is always long.

    Analysts make up baloney as to reasons for ups and downs, but to me it is weakness of paper fiat money(loss in buying power of the dollar) and more people seeking stability in tangible assets. Coin collecting is a good hobby for kids too. Get them started on 90% scrap coin silver, and books with historical facts about coins.

  2. Could also be a sign from the man upstairs. He is saying, don’t eat that shit or you will end up obese, diabetic, and impotent.

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