6 meteor showers peak in October 2018 – The Draconids tonight!


6 meteor showers peak in October 2018. Enjoy the sky shows!

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6 meteor showers will peak in October 2018. The first one, the Draconids, tonight! Picture by Babak Tafreshi/National Geographic Creative

Draconids: Minor to Major; peaks on Oct. 9/10 best seen during the EVENING not dawn

Tau Cancrids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 17

Epsilon Geminids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 18

Orionids: Major; peaks on Oct. 21

Leo Minorids: Minor; peaks on Oct. 23

Southern Taurids: Minor; peaks between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7

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  1. Star Wars between Light and Dark sides are peak in this month. All the space junks and debris of these Star Wars are falling down. Let’s see how many we can see and count.

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