Hundreds of birds drop dead from trees in Poland


Some 200 jackdaws have been found dead in the Warsaw district of Mokotów since late on Thursday, when a woman reported the birds falling out of the trees between apartment blocks.

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An adult Jackdaw in London. Picture by Maxwell Hamilton. CC BY 2.0 via Wikipedia

They found 130 dead birds on Thursday and found 70 more dead birds on Friday. Officers also caught 20 still living birds which were handed over to the rehabilitation centre for wild birds of the Warsaw Zoo.

Five jackdaws will be autopsied and samples will be sent off for tox-screens to determine what killed the birds. The foundation has offered a PLN 500 reward for anyone who comes forward with information about the suspected poisoning. Police urges pet owners to remain careful.

The jackdaw is a member of the crow family and a protected species in Poland.

Birds are beautiful… It’s terrifying to see them fall from the sky!

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Radio Poland – Hundreds of birds found dead in Warsaw


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