Brandon Post was working outside his home in Montfort when the earth collapsed beneath his feet. “I just started screaming, ‘Somebody help me! Somebody help me!’ It was the only thing I could do and hope and pray that eventually someone would hear me.” Post said.

Man recounts terrifying experience trapped in sinkhole in Montfort ,Wisconsin
Man recounts terrifying experience trapped in sinkhole in Montfort ,Wisconsin

Post said he fell about 25 feet down before he caught himself against the walls. Shocked and scared, he screamed for help.

It’s something he’ll never forget about… And I guess he is thankful to be alive! That’s for sure!

Channel3000 – Man recounts terrifying experience trapped in sinkhole


  1. Recently, we see this kind of “one man trap” / “one car trap” sinkhole a lot. These traps are created by God or by Galactic Federation of Light saying “Look! If you keep doing bad things, you are going to be removed from the Earth.”


    Starting at 5:57, look at the blood seeped out into a creek just beside the Reptilian facility in Turkey. At the same time, Turkey got a really bad flood, and again many cars were swept away. Turkey is the country participated in the war of Syria, and it deserved this chaos because of their karma. People should know the Law of Universe. All the evil things they do will come back to them, just like a boomerang.

  3. Hundreds evacuated, airport closed after forest fire in Tuscany Italian region 25 Sep. 2018

    Italy is the country of demons operating this country. An insider in US Air Force spreading poisons (chemtrails) over our sky said he saw only Italians can touch the Chemtrail adjustment equipment on their Chemtrail planes. He said “I don’t know why, but I saw ONLY ITALIANS can adjust these Chemtrail equipment on the planes.”

    All the secret societies including Free Mason originated from Italy. One of my Italian friends recommended me to join Free Mason so that I can find a job and easily promoted by Secret Society. He sent me his picture in Free Mason attire with a red apron. A red apron means higher rank in Free Mason?

    Watch out for olive oil made in Italy! They are not pure. They mix olive oil with cheap oils. Anyway, do not trust anything in Italy.


    For sure, we are living in the End of the Time. 3D Earth will be disappeared very soon. 3D Earth, humans and reptilians are all failure. All of us are recalled, and our spirits have to face the judgement. God will sort us out by our spiritual level, and send us to an appropriate place. The END might be coming sooner than we expect.

  5. Where Have I Been?.. In Pain 🙁

    Have your teeth ever fallen down? I lost my many teeth in last decade. The teeth I lost were all fixed teeth in a dentist. Do you remember that we cannot ascend with artificial body parts including tooth filings and crowns? Just avoid going to a dentist. All dentists are part of the Illuminati depopulation agenda. They might input a chip under the filing or crown in order to control you.

    I recommend “oil pulling” with unrefined coconut oil. Whenever I have toothache, I keep the mixture of a little bit of organic apple cider and water. Bragg apple cider vinegar is the best! That alleviate some pain. The most important thing to relieve pain is to ask your GOD or Galactic Federation of Light including Jesus and Archangel Michael to remove your pain. That might be the best solution. I myself, have never trusted doctors and dentists. I have never gone to a hospital or doctor’s office for last decade. They are mercenaries from Illuminati. Many of them even might not humans.


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