Mysterious lights in the sky over Cambodia (video)


But what are these mysterious lights captured in the sky over Cambodia?

Army flares? UFO Spaceship?

UFO sightings, strange lights in the sky, mysterious lights sky cambodia
Mysterious lights appear in the sky over Cambodia sparking UFO sightings.

And what about the weird accompanying noise? Really strange stuff!

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  1. its another ancient black civilization that is reawakening because it’s time. Nibiru is here. That’s Nehebhet plus Heru just like Jerusalem is Heru + Salem. These civilizations are all over the planet because there is nothing but blacks in the entire universe until we created a race of whites by confining sexual energy to the lower three chakras.

  2. Space Ports = Teleportation Ports have been abandoned since Galactic Federation of Light quarantined the Earth. There is no way to get in and get out of the Earth (for Reptilians and some other aliens pretending as human).

    Spaceport America spending skyrockets, complex mostly vacant

    Spaceport America is located such a remote area in New Mexico just west of White Sands Air Force Base. But before the quarantine was effected, many reptilians traveled to their home planets and coming back to the Earth through this spaceport. Many of them as a family with lots of baggage did back and forth between their home planets and the Earth. I guess they have some stuff that they can get only on the Earth, and they cannot find them on their home planets.

    I myself visited there to witness this amazing teleportation port, but I did not go outer space from there. I saw many buses with many alien people pretending as human on the parking lot. They looked ordinary people. Many people looked typical lazy (and fat) Alabamians waiting their turn to be teleported. But they were special aliens including Reptilians and Draconians to depart from the Earth to their home planets.

  3. Today, we had quite a good size earthquake (M4.0 might be down sized by USGS) in Amarillo, Texas. I have been watching USGS Earthquake map site for years. I had not seen any earthquake around Amarillo, Texas. This is the first time to see M4.0 earthquake hit Amarillo, Texas. It was a really shallow earthquake with depth only 5.3km. The coordinates are 35.361°N 101.793°W.

    I have checked this epicenter location on Google Map. Then I’ve found out that they are many suspicious Reptilian facilities around there including Pantex facility. Their mission is “Pantex is the nation’s primary site for assembly and disassembly of nuclear weapons. Pantex builds and delivers nuclear weapons for the nation’s stockpile, replacing parts and components to extend the lives of these weapons.” You can also find some power stations with many huge ventilator fans that suggest they are sending some air into Reptilian Secret Underground bases.

    Epicenter of the Earthquake location on Google Map'39.6%22N+101%C2%B047'34.8%22W/@35.308485,-101.683201,15002m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.361!4d-101.793

    • Secret Underground Tunnels Of Amarillo

      Amarillo is kind of the hub for Reptilian Secret Underground Bases and passages. I guess Galactic Federation of Light destroyed their underground bases that caused the tremor, M4.0 earthquake in the north of Amarillo, Texas.

      • Amarillo also has Air Force Base right on Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. They said Air Force Base was shut down, but they still have secret underground base under the Amarillo International Airport just like Denver International Airport. As I mentioned before, US Air Force is the major enemy of Galactic Federation of Light. Wherever US Air Force Base locates, it will be the target of Galactic Federation of Light.

        Amarillo Air Force Base

      • A strong cell was detected in the clear sky in Amarillo this morning. Then few hours later, Amarillo got an extreme rare M4.0 tremor! This is not a coincidence. The strong cell detected in the clear sky in Amarillo must have been a mother ship from Galactic Federation of Light.

        10/20/18 1pm Earthquake Update Dutchsinse – M4.0 Texas

  4. A quite a dynamic light show created by spaceships of Galactic Federation of Light. Usually a light show created by GFL does not have any sound. But this time, they added sound effect so that they can attract people’s attention.

    Yesterday evening, around 6PM just before it became complete darkness, I saw 4 bright lights the opening of the clouds just above our car driving highway 72, Tuscumbia, Alabama. But it disappeared within minutes. I want GFL to appeal to people on the Earth by doing a dynamic spaceship show so that everybody can see. If they can add some sound effect, it will be more attractive to busy people who do not have time to look up the sky.

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