A portal to a parallel universe has just opened up beside this plane… And the video of this strange sky phenomenon is just baffling!


Have you ever seen such a thing?

This giant ring anomaly was recorded on a flight from Chicago to New York on October 29, 2018.

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This mysterious ring appeared in the sky beside a plane travelling from Chicago to New York on October 29, 2018. Photo via Youtube viideo

Do you think it is fake? Or do you think it is only a lense flare? I haven’t noticed any signs of a fake.

mysterious ring sky usa plane, mysterious ring sky usa plane video, mysterious ring sky usa plane pictures, mysterious ring sky usa plane november 2018
The strange anomaly is hovering in the US sky like a portal to another dimension. Photo via Youtube viideo

Another baffling sky phenomenon! A portal to another dimension!

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  1. Hoax.

    The video does not center and follow the object of interest. The video stays on the largest area of landscape in front of the wing just like every video ever taken as a plane banks in preperation for landing.

    Also, neither Chicago nor New York look like that at take-off or landing and pkanes don’t fly that low or bank that much anywhere inbetween.

    Nice try.

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