EF2 tornado causes extensive damage in Wetumpka, Alabama on the wet side of Winter Storm Harper – Other twisters also reported in Mississippi and Florida


A line of strong thunderstorms on the wet side of Winter Storm Harper spun up several tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Saturday, including an EF2 tornado that caused extensive damage in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Wetumpka tornado damage, Wetumpka tornado damage pictures, Wetumpka tornado damage video, Wetumpka tornado damage january 19 2019
Wetumpka tornado damage: Before and after pictures of
First Baptist Church in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Reports on social media say the tornado brought down trees, damaged homes, destroyed a church and damaged the Wetumpka Police Department.

Only one minor injury was reported.

We have several buildings downtown with serious structural damage,” Sheriff Bill Franklin. “People may not be able to see that damage. The buildings are in danger of collapsing. We don’t want anymore injuries than we already have.

Franklin said a curfew would be in place from 6 p.m. ET Saturday until 6 a.m. ET Sunday.

Earlier in the day, an EF0 tornado in Rankin County, Mississippi, knocked down several trees. A second EF1 tornado in Rankin County knocked down trees and power lines.

Buildings on Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida were damaged by a possible tornado early Saturday evening, according to base officials.

Tornadoes aren’t rare in January in the USA, but are mostly restricted to the South and lower Midwest states with just a hint of West Coast.

january tornado usa, january tornado usa map
Here’s where tornadoes typically form in January across the United States

The top five states for January tornado touchdowns are as follows: Texas (170); Florida (151); Mississippi (145); Louisiana (140); Arkansas (126).

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  4. Tornado – Wetumpka, Alabama – Jan. 19, 2019

    Downtown Wetumpka received major tornado damage Saturday after a severe storm came through the River Region. One injury was reported by 4:30 p.m., said Mayor Jerry Willis. The injury wasn’t serious. The damage seems to be confined on the west side of the city along the Coosa River. First Baptist Church and First Presbyterian Church received “major” damage, he said. At least 25 homes are damaged or destroyed, and Wetumpka Police Station is heavily damaged. Willis was saddened but determined Saturday evening in the wake of the downtown portion of his city being heavily damaged by a possible tornado. “It’s bad, when you love a place as much as we love Wetumpka, to see this devastation,” he said. “We have worked so hard to get here and to see it destroyed like this. “We don’t know God’s plan, but we know he is in control. If this had been during the week with schools in session. If it had been Sunday morning with churches at worship, it would have been absolutely devastating as far as injuries and even fatalities. We’ll come back. We’ll clean up and come back.” Emergency crews from Millbrook, Prattville and Autauga County are offering assistance. Willis urges people to stay out of the area and allow crews to work.

  5. I had been searching the damage from the storm yesterday, but I could not find. I knew this storm should have created some damage because we had so much rain for more than 12 hours, and after that, we had strong wind. There was a tornado warning around Alabama. In North Alabama where I live, I could not find very much damage, but some damages might have been done. Just there is no report on the news.

    WVTM SKY 13 drone video of Wetumpka tornado damage

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