Mystery: Numerous birds drop dead like flies in coastal Papakura and Takanini, New Zealand


About 40 pigeons and sparrows have mysteriously been found dead, as well as some of the family’s chickens. They were said to be dropping like flies across the Papakura and Takanini region on Friday and Saturday, concerning residents.

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Dozens of dead pigeons and sparrows, along with four chooks, were discovered dead, dropping like flies from the sky near Auckland, New Zealand. Picture by M. Cooper via Stuff

There were dead birds everywhere. First thought: the birds might have died due to heat stroke. But the large number of them is suspect…

According to reports, a sparrow was still alive next to a pond during the afternoon; it wobbled on its feet, then fell into the water. More bird corpses appeared throughout the afternoon and evening.

Zombie bird apocalypse?

After posting about the slew of perished avians on Facebook, a farmer received messages from others who had noticed similar mass bird deaths in other parts of south Auckland. 

On Saturday, a number of people posted to Takanini and Papakura community Facebook pages to say they also had dead birds on their properties. 

What’s happening to them remains a mystery. Bird bait poisoning? The chemical is infused in wheat, and is often used by farmers to control pest species of bird. Chemtrails? They are sprayed daily in the air we breathe. In any cases, the birds were dropping dead like flies… And that is very weird!

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  1. I live in Redhill, Papakura and in the last 2 weeks have been finding dead birds all over the back lawn. straight away blamed the cat, but the only weird thing was the birds are bigger than the odd sparrow, and about 2 per day. Dont know about 5g network but seen some supspicious looking gwen tower type things up near the township.. which would be about 1km away from my place i guess

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