Unprecedented number of dolphins washed dead or sick from Laguna to Huntington Beach in California – Experts on HIGH ALERT!


It’s not just happening in France! From Laguna to Huntington Beach, an unprecedented number of dolphins are washing ashore dead or so sick that they have to be humanely euthanized.

Experts On High Alert After Dead, Sick Dolphins Wash Ashore On Calif. Coastline
Experts On High Alert After Dead, Sick Dolphins Wash Ashore On Calif. Coastline via Youtube video

It’s a shock and not happy about it whatsoever,” said Newport Beach resident Eric Fritz. “They’re our friends, are you kidding? I’ve rode waves with dolphins before.

In the last two weeks, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center says five common dolphins and one bottlenose dolphin have washed ashore. Compare that to just one dolphin last year.

Scientists desperate to find a cause

Anything from viruses to bacteria to toxins,” said Krysta Higuchi of Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Rescue teams suspect the culprit may be a harmful algae bloom reported off the coast of Newport Beach, fed by runoff from the recent rains.

I saw how filthy the oceans were after the rain, it was was brown and red. I would not go in there,” said Newport resident Noelle Reyna.

Residents say the ocean’s condition is cause for concern. “I know there’s a lot of runoff, and when I’m out there, I do see a lot of sub-surface garbage of papers plastic bags, things like that,” said Richard Simon of Newport.

Actually, it’s not just dolphins. The number of California sea lion rescues has doubled.

Are these deaths linked to the ‘Bomb cyclone‘ and other atmospheric rivers that engulfed California in the last few weeks?

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    • It’s not just Fukushima. It’s also plastic pollution befouling the stomachs of marine critters. Also, pesticides and herbicides in runoff. And also, the drugs our populace is using/taking ending up in runoff to the ocean. Oh yeah, also the cumulative effects of all the oil spills in the ocean. We stink as stewards for this planet!

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