Bright green METEOR FIREBALL disintegrates in LOUD RUMBLE over Florida night sky


A number of Space Coast residents from Titusville to Palm Bay took to social media to describe seeing an apparent meteor streak across the skies Tuesday morning, creating an otherworldly burst of green as it passed over… AND A LOUD RUMBLE!

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Large ‘fireball’ over Central Florida caught on video. Meteor packed an explosive punch. via Youtube

What was that mysterious flashing light?

The meteor that streaked across the skies of Central Florida on Tuesday, 12th February, was a “large fireball” that likely exploded over the Atlantic Ocean with the energy of a tenth of a kiloton —  or the explosive force equal to that of 100 tons of TNT.

According to first data, the large, very bright meteor was maybe a foot across.

On Feb. 1st, a daytime meteor fireball passed over the Florida Keys – and was picked up on weather radar – before slamming into an area in western Cuba, shattering windows and rattling residents.

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[Florida Today]


  1. I live on the space coast and saw and heard nothing! All I hear every day, all day are military helicopters flying over the house. There is a flight school nearby, but these are not their helicopters. These helicopters look like chinooks and they are flying over much more than they used to. I used to hear one or two a day , but now there are maybe ten a day. Maybe the nearby air force bases changed their flight plan? I don’t like it…they fly low and it’s very loud.

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