NEVER SEEN BEFORE: Record JET STREAM speed measured at over 200 knots – approximately 231 mph – over PENNSYLVANIA – And propels flight to 801 mph


The jet stream. You’ve probably heard it mentioned many times in your local forecast. It is a river of fast moving air high up in the atmosphere – approximately 30,000 – 35,000 feet – that steers storms, and can have a huge influence on our local weather patterns.

jet stream record speed usa
Record jet stream speed recorded over Pennsylvania, USA in February 2019.

Jet stream speeds

The jet stream typically reaches its highest speeds during the wintertime, when temperature and pressure differences across the mid-latitudes are at their greatest. In the summer, there is also a greater amount of rising air (convection, which leads to thunderstorms) which can disrupt the jet. In the cold months, the jet stream usually maxes out around 160 knots (184 mph).

This past Monday, however, a weather balloon launched from the New York National Weather Service recorded something that it never had before in our parts: a jet-level wind speed over 200 knots – approximately 231 mph!

Why do jet stream winds get so fast?

In short, the air is much thinner at those heights, and there is virtually no friction impeding the flow. That is a big reason why the majority of commercial jets fly at those levels. With that in mind, it goes without saying that the jet stream can have a huge impact on how long a plane’s flight time will be.

Flying into the jet stream, in the same direction, will usually act as a booster. It happens fairly routinely, but what occurred on Monday went above and beyond. A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was on its way from L.A. to London when it entered a max zone of the jet stream – also called a jet streak – over central Pennsylvania. The normal max speed of this particular aircraft is 587 mph, yet it was clocked at a speedy 801 mph! Taking the new speed of 801 and subtracting the recorded jet speed of 231 gives us 570; well within the range of the plane’s cruising speed.

It remained close to this torrid pace as it passed over Connecticut. The brief extra propulsion was enough to get the plane to its gate at Heathrow 48 minutes ahead of schedule. What service! Additionally, several other abnormally high plane speeds were recorded on Monday, leading to early arrivals. It is important to note that these were all west-to-east flights, which is also the typical flow of the jet stream. If you were headed in the opposite direction, it’s likely that your flight took a bit longer.

Amazing how nature can play with our technology!

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  1. I remember one time years ago when coming back from Hawaii we were traveling faster that the speed of (ground Speed)sound in a jet liner and arrived in the states 2 hrs earlier than scheduled.

  2. The Bible tells us in the latter days……there will be strange weather patterns and anomalies such as this. Seems more and more these days.
    Keep your eye on the State of New York. After they passed the new and more sadistic baby butchering law by the Demoncraps.

  3. It’s seemed to me that HAARP type of ionosphere heaters are working overtime. Another proof of weather manipulation or atmospheric management!

    • While HAARP is playing it seems more like the SUN is cooling down as is the Earth. The upper atmosphere will cool faster than the lower and all that cold are has to go somewhere.

      • then your observations are fails.
        the sun obviously not cooled just as neither the earth. look the sky with your own eyes and not only dor 5 min. the ” sun” when it’s not blocked with chemtrails to filter it’s rays,r then it makes the air very hot. these days and the next years whe should not see the winter anymore. one of the main reasons of this cold is that they who want to control everything, also want to control this and make artificial winter. this cold is awful and goes painfully on your skin. chemicals. a lot factory use it, even in bottle water to give a breeze after feel . we will be separated one way or another.

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