Tornado exposes child pornographer in Maryland


In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan tore up the eastern U.S., killing more than 20 people and shooting tornadoes at the passing countryside. The most valiant of these tornadoes attacked the home of Robert Medvee in Frederick, Maryland, and blew a hole in his roof. Medvee took a vacation at a friend’s place while workers did the repairs.

tornado exposes child pornographer, tornado exposes child pornographer in Maryland
tornado exposes child pornographer in Maryland. Picture captured by Justin1569 in Manitoba in June 2007CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia

In an oversight that would be hilarious if it weren’t so horrific, Medvee forgot to clean his attic of the massive stash of child pornography he’d been storing in there, leaving workers to stumble upon the worst possible kind of hidden treasure.

When the police arrived, the sheer amount of child porn they removed from Medvee’s home needed a pickup truck to haul it all. Aside from old-timey VHS tapes and Polaroids, the police removed “well over 1,000 CDs.” When they filed charges, they only charged Medvee with 48 counts of digital child pornography, because they’d only been able to check 48 of the CDs before their souls threatened to evacuate their bodies. The state’s attorney called it “the biggest amount I’ve ever seen in one place.

So as much of a bad rap as tornadoes have made for themselves lately, we can definitely see ourselves getting behind this new species of vigilante tornado.

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  1. Luke 8
    17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

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  3. I cannot believe there are so many child molesters and pedophilia in this world. Some years ago, somewhere in Washington state, a foster father with a dozen of foster children molested and took their pornography pictures. This world is full of predators! This tornado should have been created by Galactic Federation of Light in order to reveal this child molester. Pedophilia is everywhere. One of Pedophilia lawyer was caught in Florence Alabama. Some people told me that around Alabama, there is a huge Pedophilia ring. Most of top people in this society belong to secret society such as Free Mason. Even those people kill many human children for satanic sacrifice.

    It looks like this world does not change. If so, of course, the Earth has to change in order to get rid of those predators. That is why now, Earth Change is happening. The Earth will be 5D so people cannot catch up to 5D (the most of people on the Earth) have to move to another 3D planet. All the criminals should be sent to quarantined prison planet.

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