NWS KansasCity: We honestly have no explanation for the two mysterious floating objects over Kansas City


People have spotted two white objects floating above Kansas City.

And NWS KansasCity tweeted: Sorry, but we honestly have no explanation for the two floating objects over Kansas City:

Kansas Citians had their eyes to the sky Thursday evening, trying to get a glimpse of two mysterious white, spherical objects floating over the city just before 8 p.m.

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‘We honestly have no explanation’: Mysterious white spheres spotted above Kansas City. Picture via Twitter

The two mysterious floating orbs have been photographed by people across the city.

Several people who spotted the objects thought they could be weather balloons.

Not from any National Weather Service office, at least,” NWS Kansas City answered in a Tweet, and thus dismissing the possible explanation.

Had a similar report from Kearney, but weather balloons move and apparently these are stationary. Not sure what they are!

So what are they? 

Later on, people leaped to a better answer.

Closer shots do make them look a bit balloony.

People suggested they were Google Loon balloons, high-altitude balloons that will be used to provide Internet access to remote rural areas.

But Google too denied they had been launched by them.


But, like with a lot of UFO sightings, it did turn out to be a kind of balloon, just from a slightly different organization. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), themselves the subject of some mystery, confirmed to KMBC that they were likely some of their balloons in test flight, rather than translucent alien spacecraft.

These mysterious orbs floating over Kansas City were some mysterious balloon tests from DARPA, also known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a mysterious agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

[KMBC, Kansas City Star]

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  1. Good !

    I dont check ufo news since yeara. but even i discovered on daily life portals too and in news that they are dripping frequently tho get the sense of unaccepteble to be acceptable.
    in this intended extinct earthdays, i find this refreshing a little and let many people to new directions. hopefully not only to the badly and false lived ‘carpe diem’ lifestyle. because that is mainstream state of mind and have a big pulling power for those who are not brave or too proud.

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