Strong eruptions of Popocatepetl volcano sends ash 8km in the air in Mexico – Alert level RED at Manam volcano, PNG – Bulldozing Hwy 132 after 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption on Hawaii


Within the last few days, the eruptive activity of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has violently increased, exploding almost every day.

Meanwhile, the aviation color at Manam volcano has been raised to Red following yesterday’s eruption. Finally, officials are repairing Hwy 132 on Big Island following the Kilauea eruption of 2018. And there is still lots to be done over there!

Popocatepetl volcano eruption – June 17, 2019

An explosion sent a plume of gas and ash 8km in the air at 12:40 pm on June 17, 2019. Small ashfall was reported in several towns in the states of Morelos and Puebla.

In addition to the major eruption, two smaller explosions occurred at 06:44 am, and at 07:04 am. 

Popocatépetl - ash plume of the explosion of 17.06.2019 / 6h44 - photo via LF Puente
Popocatépetl volcano eruption at 06:44am on June 17, 2019. Picture by LF Puente

A volcanotectonic M3.1 earthquake was recorded at 7:07 am.

popocatepetl eruption june 17 2019, popocatepetl eruption june 17 2019 video, popocatepetl eruption june 17 2019 picture
Popocatépetl – explosions of 17.06.2019 / at 6h44 and 7h – pictures by Cenapred

In the last 24 hours, 185 exhalations accompanied by water vapor, gas and light amounts of ash were reported. 166 minutes of tremors were also monitored.

Popocatépetl - explosions of 17.06.2019 / at 12:41 pm - photo Cenapred
Popocatépetl explosions at 12:40pm on June 17, 2019. Picture via Cenapred

CENAPRED urges NOT TO APPROACH the volcano and above all the crater, due to the danger involved in the fall of ballistic fragments.

Popocatépetl - on 17.06.2019 at 15h16 - photo Cenapred / Seguridad / webcamsdeMexico
Popocatepetl volcano eruption on June 17, 2019 at 3:15pm. Picture via Cenapred

The Popocatepetl Volcanic Alert Traffic remains YELLOW PHASE 2. 

Continuous ash emission at Manam Volcano, PNG

Between June 9th and June 15th, satellite images by Mirova shows thermal anomalies.

Manam - thermal anomalies between 9 and 15 June - Doc.  Mirova
Manam volcano thermal anomalies between June 9 – 15. Data from Mirova

Now, June 18, 2019, the VAAC Darwin reports continuous ash emissions on Manam / Papua New Guinea. The ash column reaches a height of 3.650 meters (flight level 120) and currently disperses towards east. 

Manam - volcanic ash advisory for 18.06.2019 - Doc.  VAAC Darwin
Manam volcano ash advisory for June 18, 2019. Map via VAAC Darwin

The aviation level alert has been raised to RED.

Bulldozer realignment of Highway 132 on Hawaii Big Island

The realignment of Highway 132 is taking place right now. As you might imagine it, the eruption of Kilauea volcano in 2018 has completely changed the landscape and traffic in the East Rift Zone.

The clearing of this road will give many residents access to their properties blocked by the lava flow. That is a huge step forward for these residents as some of them were unable to access their property since June 2018.

Always be prepared! The next disaster could happen just around your corner!

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