The ‘Big One’ Will Occur During a ‘Slow Slip Event’ on the West Coast – And That Is Exactly What’s Going On Now!


A small burst of tremors have been recorded along the West Coast in the last few weeks, causing scientists and geologists to pay close attention.

This is what we can slow slip type of movement. The Juan De Fuca Plate is moving underneath us and then all the sudden, about every 14 months, it stops and it goes in a westerly direction. And as it does that, it creates a lot of tremors.

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The current slow slip event produces lots of earthquakes along the US West Coast and could lead to the terrifying Cascadia Big One. Map via KOIN

So we are in this slow slip type of movement right now and that’s why we’re getting a lot of tremors up in Washington, Northern California and then some here in Oregon.

And this happens about every 14 months. Eventually, the Juan De Fuca Plate will continue going in an easterly direction and “keep building up the stress in the rocks.

Scientists predict the “Big One” will likely occur during one of these slow slip events.

Each slow slip event puts additional stress onto the “lock zone,” eventually causing it to “break” and create a 9.0 or larger magnitude earthquake.

The “big one” will shake for around four minutes and cause extensive damage. Here a extensive and great article about this terrifying Cascadia earthquake.

Slow slip events are a good reminder to be prepared and/or have a plan and an emergency kit at home. Hope you have yours! Always be ready!

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    • Alert: There’s an emergency in Texas, as a Texan with a ham radio, has unnecessarily capitalized the words world and wide, in a comment thread.

  1. That guy in the video is a babbling idiot 🙂 I have lived on the kitsap peninsula for 40 years and we are not south of Seattle. And that map from KOIN6 must be for the last several months, because the current one doesn’t show that. And if you look at the current one from it only shows 4 small quakes in Oregon besides Mt. Hood. There are more and bigger ones off the coast of oregon. But yeah the big one could happen during a slow slip. 50/50 odds 😉

  2. Slow slip event has been going on for over a year and this is a possible build up to a strong earthquake but its not carved in stone and it doesn’t happen during but after the slow slip stops (even if one ever goes off). That is why i love people who teach others how to sort the good info from the fear porn like Dutchsince on you tube….

    on a side note, i may be wrong on this next comment but wasn’t this site saying just a few days ago about a coronal hole facing earth pouring solar wind out at speeds of 1-2 million miles a sec? Talk about fear porn on that topic even if i am wrong and it didn’t come from here but i know Steve Quayle tends to link this site to his column…Suspicious Observers laughed at that one while wagging a finger…

  3. DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH DEATH THERE WILL BE,IS HOW LONG THE LORD HAS HIS SAINTS WARNING,in the case of america ,ITS GOING TO BREAK UP LIKE A CRACKER,large pieces will slide into the ocean on both coasts,the DEATH TOLL will be enormous,the entire west coast will be lost,as will the east coast from maine to florida,and the Volcanos will finish the job,HOPE YOU ALL KNOW THE LORD,your going to be standing Face to Face with him here shortly,does he know you??..WARNING..HE DOES NOT LET STRANGERS INTO HIS HOUSE,…DO YOU??

    • The lord also curses those whom spread blasphemy, in vain of the lords name. Though tongue shall be pulled from the earth and sent the beneath the ground it came upon.

    • These are the souls that say they hear but cant… they see but they can’t… We pray for them. Unfortunately, it may be to late and we can lessen the chastisement with prayer.

  4. Wow, another hysterical article to give the impression that geologist have it right. They are full of shit and they know it. They must give legitimacy to their work, so they produce something that jump starts the hysteria.

    It has been known for decades that small slips are far better than one large slip, because when the pressure is release a little at a time the chance of a very large slip is not likely to happen.

    Those moron have been pushing this “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” idiocy for just as long. Little slips in the plates does not indicate that a large one is coming, and is only an assumption by them, which is not fact my friends. BEWARE OF THE CHICKEN LITTLES OUT THERE WHO LIKE TO HYPE BS TO PROVE THEIR WORTHINESS AS BIOLOGIST.

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