A Real Bad Idea


She wanted to win a photo contest.

And ended up at the hospital!

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venomous octopus bites woman in Washington.

A woman’s attempt to win a photo contest at a fishing derby near Tacoma, Washington painfully backfired.

Jamie Bisceglia noticed a few fishermen had hooked an octopus and asked them if she could put it on her face while they took her photo.

As Bisceglia placed the octopus on her face, it grabbed her with its suckers. A few seconds later, the octopus got tired of being used as a prop and bit her chin.

It was a really intense pain when it went inside, and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time.

Bisceglia believes the octopus was a juvenile Giant Pacific octopus, though officials say it could have been a Pacific red octopus. Both animals have sharp, powerful beaks which they use to break open shellfish such as clams and mussels. Their beaks also contain a venom that immobilizes their prey.

Despite the intense pain, Bisceglia continued to fish for two more days before she went to the emergency room. She was given three different antibiotics and told that the pain and swelling could last for months.

Sometimes you better think twice!

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