Gigantic Sinkhole Prompts the Evacuation of Hundreds of Homes in El Salvador (Video and Pictures)


A giant sinkhole has opened up in Santa Lucia, El Salvador prompting a massive evacuation of more than 400 homes on October 16, 2019.

Drone footage shows homes teetering on the edge of the crater the size of a football pitch.

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the massive sinkhole in El Salvador forced the evacuation of at least 400 homes in Santa Lucia, El Salvador.

A huge sinkhole opened up in the town of Santa Lucia, Llopango in El Salvador on October 16, 2019, putting more than 400 homes at risk – which have been later evacuated.

The area has now been classified as a disaster zone.

According to local authorities, the sinkhole continues to grow larger endangering even more people and properties. It is now measuring ana amazing 70 meters (230 feet) deep.

The sinkhole has been an issue for several years but is believed to have been made worse after heavy tropical rains hit the region.

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The giant sinkhole is growing since 10 years.

And here a video from a local news outlet showing the sinkhole and the families evacuating:

Sinkholes are caused by erosion and the drainage of water. They can be the result of natural processes or they can be triggered by human activity.

I really don’t know how this sinkhole in El Salvador formed, but it is insanely deep and wide. A lott of people living around can be happy to still be alive today! [El Salvador]

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  1. Sinkholes are the result of planetary expansion that is happening worldwide….not because of heavy rains or man’s activities…the earth’s core has been heating up for quite some time now because of the heavy particles interacting with the earth from the sun’s activities. Heat causes expansion, and the hot earth’s core has created more magma flowing beneath the crusts…it is projected that the earth will have increased in size by 5% of it’s current size when this whole scenario is over! Sinkholes are opening up in the most unexpected places, also the heated core is melting permafrost and heating the oceans, and causing trapped methane gas to explode out which can cause huge craters as happened in Siberia a couple of years ago!

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