Frigid Temperatures Engulf Russia With -54°C (-65°F) – That’s More Than 20°C Below Normal


An intense Arctic outbreak has developed over northeastern Russia lately.

Normally between -25°C (-13°F) and -30°C (-22°F), the temperatures have dropped below -50°C (-58°F) in the last days. And that’s extremely rare for the region in November.

frigid temperatures russia, frigid temperatures russia map
Record cold in northeast Russia in November 2019. Map via Severe Weather Europe

Northeast Russia is used to frigid temperatures, but they are not expected so early. Getting below -50°C (-58°F) at the end of November is rather extreme even there!

This unusual weather pattern is triggered by the disturbance of the polar circulation, allowing outbreaks of frigid cold airmass to spread south into Russia.

As illustrated on the map below extremely cold airmass spread into parts of north and northeast Russia with many areas experiencing ‘ice Age’ temperatures (daytime: below -25°C (-13°F) and mornings below -50°C (-58°F)).

frigid temperatures russia, frigid temperatures russia map
Very low temperatures for the seaon in northeast Russia. Map via Severe Weather Europe

On Nov. 26, temperatures were brutal cold, especially in northern and northeastern Russia. Verhojansk reported -54°C (-65°F).

And this situation is going to last until the end of the week.

frigid temperatures russia, frigid temperatures russia map
Daily record temperatures in November in northeast Russia. Map via Severe Weather Europe

Actually, this very cold weather isn’t bad for everybody. Photographers may be lucky and capture amazing pictures of sky and weather phenomena that wouldn’t happen naturally otherwise:

More wild weather is to come as a major stratospheric warming is currently forming.

This anomalous weather event (becomes a new normal since at least two consecutive years) means polar vortex collapse and strong cooling over USA and Eurasia.

This is exactly what we are seeing right now with these frigid temperatures in northeast Russia and the double bombogenesis that is slamming the western U.S. during the Thanksgiving Holidays.

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  1. Polar circulation is disturbed by Haarp and the many Ionosphere heaters across the globe. This is climate engineering and not natural. Please research and inform your followers of this verifiable truth

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