Record High Waves Smash the Adriatic as Hurricane-Like Jugo Winds Engulf Croatia


One of the strongest Jugo (southeastern) winds, combined with torrential rain egulfed the Croatian coast on November 12, 2019.

The furious Category I hurricane winds caused high tides, floods, traffic difficulties and record breaking waves.

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Giant waves have been recorded in the Adriatic as hurricane-like Jugo winds engulfed Croatia in November 2019. Picture via Facebook

During this Jugo event – the Croatian Hydrographic Institute has measured record high waves in the Adriatic.

The highest wave (10.9m or 35.7ft) was measured on November 12, 2019 at around 4 pm near the small island of Sveti Andrija near Dubrovnik. 

Translation of the last part of the Facebook post: “The maximum wave height (Hmax) was 10.87m, whilst the significant wave height (SWH or Hs) = 4.75m (sea state 6) and period T = 10s. The wave came from the direction = 167.1°.”

Hurricane-Strong Winds

It’ wasn’t just the waves that got big! Winds exceeding 140kmh (87mph) blasted the Dubrovnik area, and 134.3 kmh (83.4mph) was recorded at the official DHMZ weather station on Marjan in Split.

This is the third highest Jugo wind speed in Split officially recorded in the last 60 years, the two strongest being 138.60 (86.1mph; November 24, 1987) and 149.04 kmh (92.6mph; February 1, 1986).

Jugo is mostly a warm and moist southeasterly wind which creates large, long waves. Normally, it develops slowly over 24 hours and blows up to 5-6 days continuously. Sometimes, like during this storm, it is accompanied by rain and thunderstorms.

The freak storms affected almost the entire coast from Dubrovnik to Istria and fortunately there were no injuries with floodings reported in Split, Rovinj, Porec and many other cities along the coast.

The powerful storm hit on November 11, 2019, tearing down trees, and triggering landslides and power outages along the coast.

Another extreme weather anomaly. What’s next please? [Facebook, Dalmaci Jadanas, Croatia Week]

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