Unseasonal Snow Storms Bury Parts of Iran and Morocco


While the Earth is warming (really?)…

Unseasonal and strong snowfalls buried parts of Iran and Morocco, bringing major cities like Tehran to a standstill.

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Snow in Tehran, Iran – traffic chaos. Picture via Youtube video

After abnormal snow was reported in Algeria, Africa and Oman a few days ago, it seems that the cold wave jumped to Iran, burying the capital Tehran in a foot of snow and also reached Morocco in northern Africa.

Heavy Snow Disrupts Lives in Tehran, Iran

Heavy snowfall has caught residents of the Iranian capital Tehran off guard, bringing the city to a standstill and closing schools in the northern districts of the metropolis.

What first began with tiny hailstones, grew into a full force snowfall, blanketing the streets and the city with more than 30 cm (1 foot) of fresh snow.

Municipal workers had to clear roads and pavements by hand as traffic jams didn’t allow the use of snowploughs.

Snow is a rare occurrence in Tehran during the fall.Albawaba

Heavy Snow in Morocco

Ifrane in the middle Atlas Mountains is celebrating its first snow of the year on November 16, 2019.

The city traditionally experiences heavy snowfalls in January.

This announces a really ‘hot’ winter (:-)). Consequently, the region’s authorities have mobilized 60 icebreakers, 13 bulldozers and 12 ambulances. –

Well hopefully, the Iranian population won’t get too much yellow snow (extreme peak of pollution right now!). Meanwhile, the ski stations in Africa will be able to open a few months earlier than normal. What? Ski stations in Africa?

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    • You and Jay need to educate yourselves:


      ‘Reported warming applies only to surface (land-based) weather stations and is not seen in any other data set; the weather satellite data that measure atmospheric temperature show no significant trend — neither do proxy data (from analysis of tree rings, ocean/lake sediments, stalagmites, etc). It can therefore be argued that there has been no appreciable human-caused warming in the 20th century at all — and that the warming effects of rising GH-gas content of the atmosphere have been quite insignificant.’ -Dr. S. Fred Singer. founding director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service

      ”…anecdotal evidence (mild winters, big hurricanes, wildfires, etc.) is probably our best bet. We should milk it for all it’s worth.” -warming alarmist Kevin Brum on selling the global warming, geo-engineering hoax

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