After Albania, Now Strong M6.0 Earthquake Hits Greece


Southern and south-eastern Europe is really lighting up at the moment with earthquakes.

A M6.0 earthquake just hit west of Crete, Greece, this morning.

A strong M6.0 earthquake hit Greece on Nov 27, greece earthquake nov 27 2019
A strong M6.0 earthquake hit Greece on Nov. 27. Map by USGS

Just a day after Albania was hit by its strongest quake in decades, killing at least 18 and injuring more than 600, a M6.0 earthquake struck this morning just west of Crete, Greece.

The moderately deep tremor (71.8 km; 44.6 miles) rattled the area on Nov. 27, around 7:20 a.m. UTC.

Depth of this rupture locates roughly at the top of the African plate which is subducting beneath the Aegean Sea plate at this location.

Damage to uninhabited homes and high schools in the municipality of Kissamos have been reported after the quake. The school asked children to evacuate:

There is currently neither tsunami warning or threat, nor injuries and heavy damage reported. [USGS, SigmaLive]

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  1. I have predicted with high accuracy the 6-8 ring of fire until NOV 30. I am sorry my predictions came through , now as i told every one with massive rain and 6 plus will imminent in California NOV 30 2019 with few days less or more. We do appreciated this site and as i do write we had 6.0 in Fiji Island but as always downgraded to 5.6 also if we calculate all those downgraded quakes to 5.9 or 5.8 or 5.5 i had more quakes hits. I am not happy
    about it. I will forecast next month closer to the December full moon 2019. I do ask people in USA and Canada
    have food for weeks and months indeed. Bridges fall apart and winter time do not expect FEMA help you for months after and can you survive it?

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