Tasmania: From Fire to Snow in One Week


A song of ice and fire!

What a difference a week makes in the Central Highlands of Tasmania…

tasmania from fire to snow, Tasmania weather: From fire to snow in a week, Tasmania weather: From fire to snow in a week photo
Tasmania weather: From fire to snow in a week. Picture via Facebook

Tasmania has received its first snow of the year, and it’s falling on areas that were threatened by fierce bushfires just last week.

It began to snow at Mount Field, on the Central Plateau and parts of the west coast on Tuesday afternoon.

There are still 34 active fires across Tasmania, including in areas that have now received snowfall.

Summer’s not gone yet

Meteorologist Rachel McInerney said the snow was unusual for this summer as it had quite warm above average temperatures and not very much rainfall.

In normal years, it’s however not that unusual for Tasmania to receive a significant cold front at any time of the year that can bring snow.

Sunday will be warm again (25°C) but another cold front is forecast for Monday. So maybe you’ll have to use your heaters again this summer [Facebook, ABC.net.au]

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