Water Disappears Mysteriously Underground At Devil’s Kettle Waterfall and Nobody Knows Where it Flows


The Devil’s Kettle Waterfalls, along Minnesota’s North shore on Lake Superior, has kept folks baffled as to where all the water goes.

Side-by-side waterfalls send half of a river to Lake Superior. But the other half? No one has been able to figure it out.

The mystery of Devil Kettle Falls, devil kettle mystery, devil kettle mystery video
The mystery of Devil’s Kettle Falls. Picture via Youtube video

At some point along the Brule River, the river flow splits along a rock outcrop.

Half of it continues it’s way on to Lake Superior, while the other half disappears down a hole to water heaven and doesn’t seem to come back out anywhere.

Explanations for Disappearing Water at Devil’s Kettle Waterfalls

The most accepted hypothesis has always been that te water flows through a system of underground caves until it pops out again somewhere near the lake.

Because the water cannot magic away and has to wind up somewhere.

But scientists have never figured out where that is:

  • Researchers have poured dye into the Kettle and then watched the lake to see which part of it would turn colors. It didn’t work.
  • Then they tried dumping Ping-Pong balls, which also vanished from this universe.

So now, let’s go throught the the most plausible explanations for the water disappearance and let see if they fit this anomaly.

Limestone Cave

The rock under the waterfall is a hard igneous volcanic rock (rhyolite) and no limestone. And the nearest limestone to Judge C. R. Magney State Park is hundreds of miles away. So an underground river of this sort doesn’t seem to be a reasonable solution to the mystery.

Lava Tube

The water could disappear in a lava tube. The longest of volcanic tube is Kazumura Cave in Hawaii and measures a whopping 40 miles in length. The problem is that even though rhyolite is a volcanic rock, it never forms lava tubes.

Fault Line

Sometimes water can flow along a fault line. However, there is no indication of a fault line in the area of the waterfall.

So what happens to half of the Brule River at the Devil’s Kettle waterfalls still remains a geologic mystery and oddity. Maybe, there is a giant living in a cave and using this water for cooking, drinking and washing?

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  1. Genesis 7:11
    “…,the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up…”
    Genesis 8:3
    “And the waters returned from off the earth continually:”

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