Christmas Typhoon Phanfone Kills 41 in Philippines, Destroys Homes, Crops


Typhoon Phanfone killed at least 41 people when it slammed into the central Philippines on Christmas Eve.

It is also the 21st cyclone to hit the Southeast Asian nation this year. Crazy!

Typhoon Phanfone devastates the Philippines
Typhoon Phanfone devastates the Philippines

The terrifying Christmas storm damaged an estimated 1 billion pesos ($19.7 million) worth of crops and infrastructure, including more than 265,000 homes, as stated in a Dec. 29 bulletin.

Six years ago, Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons recorded, struck the Philippines and killed more than 6,300 people.

Have a prayer for them!

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  1. These storms are done by order of HAARP in ALASKA and also created 5.1 quake in Iran where nuclear plants is working?We have over 20 HAARPS in world.

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