There Is So Much Snow In Idaho Right Now That It Almost Buried A Fuel Truck


The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) came to the rescue of a fuel truck Wednesday morning, blocked by meters of fresh snow.

The crew cleared a path in the deep snow from Newdale to Tetonia and as you will see it in the following pictures, the walls were nearly as tall as the tanker. OMG!

Fuel truck blocked by meters of snow in Idaho, idaho snow buries fuel truck pictures, idaho snow buries fuel truck video
Fuel truck blocked by meters of snow in Idaho. Picture by Matt Berry via East Idaho News

Last spring, Idaho was hammered by the floods. And if the winter continues like that, spring flooding may become even more destructive in 2020. Yes, look at those amazing pictures of a fuel truck, needing to make a delivery in Teton Valley, and blocked by huge walls of snow on Highway 33 in Madison County.

Fuel truck blocked by meters of snow in Idaho, idaho snow buries fuel truck pictures, idaho snow buries fuel truck video
The Idaho Transportation Department came to the rescue of a fuel truck Wednesday morning. Picture by Matt Berry via East Idaho News

For the broad picture, there are currently 4 eastern Idaho highways that will remain closed Wednesday morning because of blowing and drifting snow.

Fuel truck blocked by meters of snow in Idaho, idaho snow buries fuel truck pictures, idaho snow buries fuel truck video
The IDT cleared a path in the deep snow from Newdale to Tetonia, Idaho. Picture by Matt Berry via East Idaho News

The following roads are closed as of Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 5 a.m.:

  • Interstate 15 between Idaho Falls and Roberts
  • U.S. Highway 26 between Ririe and Swan Valley
  • Idaho Highway 32 from Ashton to Tetonia
  • Idaho Highway 33 from Newdale to Tetonia

Fuel truck blocked by meters of snow in Idaho, idaho snow buries fuel truck pictures, idaho snow buries fuel truck video
Such a big truck blocked by huge amount of snow in Idaho. Picture by Matt Berry via East Idaho News

Most of these roads have now been closed since Sunday. But it’s not clear when the highways will reopen.

As shown in the following tweets, Idaho is getting slammed by snow right now:

And look at this next storm system currently developing off the West Coast early this morning. Wind, rain and of course snow will be in store for North California later today into early Friday.

Be ready and get prepared! Similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [EastIdahoNews]

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  2. This is nothing. However, you might want to mention that Steven’s pass has been closed all week and on Snoqualmie they are working hard 24hrs a day to keep it open. I90 is a major supply highway. Last night, the only way to get over Northern Cascades was through the Gorge and it was snow covered as well.

  3. I live between Coeur D’Alene and Sandpoint.
    Since last Friday, we have had about 35 inches of wet heavy snow.
    I am including the 6″ I see out there from over night.
    Wet heavy snow does not blow well and I am using the blower behind my 28 hp tractor.
    I have seen houses buried by drifting snow in SW Minnesota.
    Heavy wet snow does not drift.

    • So terribly cold in your area! TONS and TONS of snow! So much work to do this time of year, just trying to get by. Those that were coming from California are finding out the hard way and now heading for places like Austin Tx instead. Much better weather and easier lifestyle there. That’s the place to be. Not the Cold Freezing laborious area of northern Idaho. Nobody wants to go there!

  4. this also brings to mind, that some try to ban fuels, warren and biden have spoke on this. also good to havr wood burning stoves, when the power goes out people need to return to lo tech fuels !!

  5. On the bright side, it keep the Liberals away because it takes a little work to live here… and we don’t have homeless folks shooting up or taking a dump on the porch.

    • Yeah, but “Progressives” from California, Washington, and Oregon are working hard to turn Idaho into the liberal hell holes from which they fled!
      It’s HARD living in Idaho, this kind of snowfall is the NORM, not unusual at all. This happens every year!
      If you don’t like below zero temperatures and tons of snow every single year, PLEASE don’t come here.
      Arizona, Texas, Nevada and a host of other states will welcome you!

      • You got that right! No one is coming to shovel your butt out up here! You must get out and clean it ALL up on your own! It’s A LOT of cold HARD work and those fleeing Ca. are finding out the hard way. Time to pack up and go somewhere else with less work and a more temperate climate. I hear Austin is nice for those types!

  6. Praise God for this snow in the eastern mountains. Our snowpack was only 25%to 75% normal until now. We depend on this water source in the east of the state for irrigation water in the summer. We had our first snowfall in Boise a couple of days ago, a bit warmer than usual. But all the ski resorts are packed due to the incredible conditions. Better start my seeds and get ready for spring.

  7. Don’t live in snow country eh? Those supposed drifts are that high because the snowblower blew it there. I believe the true height of the snowfall was probably not over three feet at most, but may have drifts somewhat higher.
    Some news organization like to be overly dramatic and make stupid claims to bolster their article, such as stating that the drifts are higher than the trucks cab, or some such nonsense.
    Are there no straight-shooting news organization anymore? Everyone seems to be trying to feather their own nest with BS !

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