Aboriginal legend Of Budj Bim Volcano in Australia Links Ancient Giants to Geology


Long ago, four Giants arrived in southeast Australia.

While three decided to continue their ways across the continent, one giant named Budj Bim stayed, his body transformed into a volcano and his long teeth became lava.

Myth and legend of ancient giants and Budj Bim volcano formation in Australia
Myth and legend of ancient giants and Budj Bim volcano formation in Australia. Image shows a 19th century drawing of the Budj Bim crater lake. By Eugene von Guerard/WikiCommons/Creative Commons

A new scientific study shows that the Gunditjmara Aboriginal legend about the birth of Budj Bim volcano, also known as Mount Eccles, has some basis.

In fact, the geologists found that the now extinct volcano near Macarthur in southwestern Victoria, Australia and another nearby volcano formed through a rapid series of eruptions about 37,000 years ago, suggesting that the myth may be the oldest story still being told today.

The new study is thus an interesting proposition to think about these oral traditions that survive for tens of thousands of years.

Now if you want to get a deeper understanding about Ancient Giants, I recommend reading the excellent book by Steve Quayle called Genesis 6 Giants – Volume 2 and watching his movie True Legends – Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants.

How long lived Gunditjmara near Budj Bim volcano?

It’s not clear. The oldest accepted evidence for human occupation dates back to 13,000 years in the area.

However, archaeologists reported finding a stone ax near the region’s ancient Tower Hill volcano. Since it was found under the volcanic rocks, anthropologists suggest humans lived there before the eruption.

Sudden formation of Budj Bim and Tower Hill volcanoes

In the new study, scientists dated the Tower Hill’s volcanic rocks and those of Budj Bim, situated just 40 kilometers to the northwest.

Data suggest that both volcanoes formed 37,000 years ago very suddenly.

The shocking dual eruptions may have terrified the residents, sparking the story of the four giants.

And there have been no other large volcanic eruptions in the area in the intervening years that could have provided inspiration for the stories.

Giants in Australia

Biblioteca Pleiades relates the story of Dr. Rex Gilroy, director of the Mount York Natural History Museum at Mount Victoria, N.S.W., who dig over several years the area to gather enough evidence about a race of giants that once dwelled there.

Near Bathurst, Dr. Gilroy turned up some stone implements, hand axes, clubs, pounders, adzes, knives, and other tools so huge that only giants with extra large hands and strength could have made any beneficial use of them.

He also uncovered some giant molars and other fossilized footprints that measured up to thirty inches in length. “The implications are,” he wrote in an article detailing his archaeological finds, “that men of 12 to 20 feet in height once roamed this continent.

According to the Conversation a family of Giants grilled in a series of volcanic craters in South Australia:

In South Australia, there once lived a family of giants who made their home in a succession of volcanic craters. They cooked their food in these craters which have become known as “the ovens of Craitbul”, after one of the giants.”

Also according to Mysterious Australia, Aboriginal folklore is full of traditions about giant men and women:

The Tjangara of western Australian tribal folklore is an enormous 10 ft. tall hairy man-like beast who wanders the hinterland armed with a big stone club, killing and eating anyone he meets.

And what about the “Yowie, or “Great Hairy Man,” a hairy man-like beast known over a wide area of eastern Australia that has even been sighted recently.

Again, for a deeper understanding about Ancient Giants, I recommend reading the excellent book by giant-specialist Steve Quayle called Genesis 6 Giants – Volume 2 and watching his movie True Legends – Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants.

How to understand the longevity of Australian Indigenous oral histories?

As with all First Nations around the world, their stories, heritage, identity and survival are connected to their traditional homelands and waters.

So do these myths and legends only highlight the deep links those communities had with nature and their country? Or are they also reflecting the truth?

Because one thing is clear: there can be little doubt, as from the mass of huge stone artifacts, the fossil footprints, teeth and other finds, that there were giants on the Earth in those days.” Find more ancient giant news and myth and legends on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Geology, ScienceMag]

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