While Billions of Locusts Are Approaching, China Sends 100,000 Ducks to Devour the Insects (Video)


As 400 billion locusts approach China from the India-Pakistan border…

100,000 “duck troops” are gathering to prepare for the potential emergency and devour the insect plague.

As 400 billion locusts approach China from the India-Pakistan border, 100,000 "duck troops" are gathering to prepare for the potential emergency.
As 400 billion locusts approach China from the India-Pakistan border, 100,000 “duck troops” are gathering to prepare for the potential emergency. Picture via Twitter video

China is massively hit by the coronavirus. But another plague is about to hit the Middle Kingdom: Locusts, billions of locusts, currently wreaking havoc in East Africa, Pakistan and India.

While they are killing almost all of their chickens, China has deployed 100,000 ducks to its borders with Pakistan and India in Xinjiang, the far west part of the country. So why not use chickens also?

These brown ducks, “duck troops” for Chinese media, are fond of insects and have been already used in prior locust invasions.

Some farmers even say they are more effective than pesticides as a juvenile duck can swallow locusts on more than 4m² of land per day.

Well I am sure there will be a lot more duck foie gras next Christmas. 😉 More biblical news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Twitter]

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  1. Water toxicity will rise it’s stupid to think this is a great idea. Small bandaid on a big wound.
    Improve your environmental quality improves your wildlife and protect it that simple.
    At this rate parasites will grow imagine eating the duck that ate the insect that carried one of many parasites.
    Water toxicity from duck waste can destroy a lakes eco system leading to other problems itself like parasite infestation.
    Like breeding cockroaches to eat food waste.
    Instead of making compost… Not wise skipping an entire stage of decomposition. They carry all kinds of stuff.
    The comments like oh a duck army how cute aww.
    Yet they kill numerous specie’s and whales besides raising a duck army.
    Brain dead.
    Downsizing would help more figuring out where the true problem Lay’s…. Obviously population & global intrest not being self sufficient . Waiting till 30 to have a child would be a wise decision in China instead of looking down on someone. A stronger sense of self beliefs would greatly benefit them. Instead of meetings in a room with butt kissing board members dumb as the day is long. Profits are useless when problems come quicker then solutions. Interference with nature always provokes catastrophe.
    Wouldn’t the ducks make locust swarm worse then normally high aggressive levels. Common knowledge.

  2. I ask all refuse to eat outside restaurants any kinds in North America , They are dirty do not wash hands, or change gloves, they give you their own silver ware to save money and also the plates give you help me GOD. Your lives all are truck now , wake up and cook inside your homes? Global Boycott foods festivals, cinemas, and malls, any crowds, gatherings, use your imaginations, all Chinese foods and buffets are each are WUHAN themselves with massive Asians inside your chances of COVID-19 , SARS 2.0, or CORONA VIRUS 2.0 will be high.
    Do not fell for trap even if is buy one get one free?

  3. The ducks will quickly fill up and stop eating while the locusts procreate in a matter of hour. The quarantined in their houses Chinese should poen their windows and just let dinner fly in.

  4. the crowded conditions aren’t good for the ducks since ducks can get bird flu and spread it amongst each other rapidly.

    • What they are going to have to do then is quarantine the ducks and those who violate said quarantine will be picked up and stuffed in a little white box on the back of a pick up truck and hauled away to a re-education camp or worse. Also, they should demand from the ducks a quota of locusts eaten. They would want to ensure all ducks are “pulling their share”……well wait…..its communism………they would want to redistribute the wealth of ducks who worked hard and ate more and give to the ducks who sat around on their front porch drinking coors lite all day complaining about what isn’t fair, etc.

      • You have zero knowledge about China, so shooting your hot air into other people’s nose makes you look so stupid and ignorant.
        The scenes you described are what happening in North America and Europe, not China. You idiot. You should study and read more books, and travel more if you are capable, which will help you giving some valuable opinions in the future.

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