Horse Raped in Australia


That’s almost too weird to believe…

But that horse got raped in Shoalhaven, Australia.

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This horse was raped in Shoalhaven, Australia. Picture via South Coast Register

This is terrifying and almost unbelievable! A horse living in Shoalhaven was found stuck in a fence, covered in ants and sexually assaulted by its shocked and horrified owners on February 9.

Banjo, completely panicked, was tied to a fence post. There were used condoms on the ground and bottles of alcohol, and what looked like baby oil under his tail.

It was too weird to believe,” said the owners.

Then going around their property, they found another horse on the ground with his legs tied together.

The police is now investigating the sinister case and have sent some of the stuff found on the crime scene for analysis.

Although the horses are physically “OK” at this stage, the animals are psychologically shocked and stick to the owner like glue.

Who would be crazy enough to rape a horse? Is there a group of zoophiles in Shoalhaven? The act of bestiality is illegal under animal abuse and crime against nature in Australia. More insane in the brain news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [South Coast Register]

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