A Miracle Has Occurred: Woman Comes Back to Life 10 Hours After Being Declared Dead


Doctors in Ukraine were left baffled after an old woman who had been declared dead ten hours earlier came back to life…

And shared her amazing story of journeying to the ‘other side.’

Ukrainian woman comes back to life 10 hours after being declared dead, Ukrainian woman comes back to life 10 hours after being declared dead video
Ukrainian woman comes back to life 10 hours after being declared dead. Picture via Youtube video

The remarkable case reportedly began early one morning last week in the town of Stryzhavka when Ksenia Didukh’s daughter called for help when her mother had fallen ill.

Upon their arrival, emergency personnel found that the woman had no pulse and, as such, she was declared dead.

Since they were certain that Didukh had passed away, the medics departed the home and left her body behind with her heartbroken family.

Her loved ones subsequently began making plans for her funeral, enlisting a priest to perform the service and even going so far as to start digging her grave.

However, later that evening, they were stunned when a member of the family put their hand on Didukh’s head and noticed that she felt warm to the touch.

Bewildered by this weird turn of events, the family raced to the hospital with the ‘dead’ woman where, to their profound amazement, she came back to life shortly after being admitted to the facility.

Doctors overseeing the patient were understandably astonished by what had occurred with one official marveling that he has never seen such a case in twenty years of practicing medicine.

Although it was later determined that Didukh had fallen into a coma, the woman offered up a far more fantastic version of events from her perspective.

Her story of the other side

At some point during the ordeal, Didukh vividly recalled, she ‘crossed over’ into a realm that she described as the kingdom of heaven.

The woman even revealed that she was beckoned to stay in the afterlife by the voice of her late father.

Why, exactly, she wound up returning to the Earthly plane is uncertain as Didukh merely mused that “apparently God had mercy on me.

The priest who would have performed her funeral rights echoed this thought, declaring that “a miracle of resurrection has occurred.

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