Amazing! How Come Two Unrelated Communities Built Similar Temples on both Side of the Pacific Ocean Without Knowing Each Other?


This is almost too amazing to be true!

Completely unrelated religious communities built strikingly similar temples, although being separated by the Pacific Ocean.

different religions same temples
Completely unrelated religions built strikingly similar temples of god. Left: Baksei Temple built during the Khmer Empire (9 – 13 AD). Right: The Temple of the Masks in Guatemala.

Symmetry exists everywhere. It’s what gives us a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. A kind of magical symmetry can also be found in nature and space, for examples.

The image above also suggests a deep symmetry of cults and traditions that two cultures share despite the vast distance separating them.

Indeed, the temples in the picture – Khmer’s Baksei (left) and the Mayan’s Temple of the Masks (right) – are strikingly similar.

However, the people that built them are completely unrelated and have never seen each others.

The Khmer and the Mayans were indeed separated by the Pacific ocean.

Some more similarities

Both pyramids have:

  • Three main platforms or steps
  • A fourth smaller step is located atop the third step and is composed of narrow stairs

Similarities of temples around the world, temple similarities
Similarities of temples around the world

  • The stairways leading to the temple tops are extremely steep

steep stairs pyramid
similarities between temples: steep stairs

  • Similar corbelled arches, which seem to have both a symbolic and a functional purpose.

similarities between temples
similarities between temples: arches

  • Identical stone sculptures with similar stylized patterns.

similarities between temples
similarities between temples: Triptych temples are found on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, a fact not yet understood by academia.

Based on the similar stone architecture of their respective temples, it can be hypothesized that both cultures clearly shared the same cults, symbols and maybe religions. More mystery of religions on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Richard Cassaro]

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  2. Simple, when faced with the problem of piling a load of stone on top of each other you get similar results, there is only one way to do things, look at the concord and the tu144 as an example, the buran and the shuttle etc.

  3. Graham Hancocks’ “Fingerprints of the Gods” is a great read for this type of speculation. Atlantis and her allegedly far superior inhabitants escaped the island when it sank due to some kind of catastrophe and fled to the coasts of the nearest lands on either side of the Atlantic to rebuild. Secrets of construction were not the only things they were way ahead of the normal people in, that is just what could not be demolished. Too big. Too remote. No way to erase this from history but the knowledge is still known to the keepers of it.

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