Extremely Rare Pink Grasshopper photographed in Texas


Yes, pink grasshoppers exist…

And one of those very rare insect was photographed in Texas a few days ago.

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Pink grasshopper photograph in Texas in February 2020. Picture: KXAN

The insect was photographed in a garden in southwest Austin and as you might have noticed it, there aren’t many pink grasshoppers around.

Why are grasshoppers pink?

It’s a genetic mutation called erythrism, which is caused by a recessive gene similar to the one that affects albino animals.

The gene modification typically happens in the common meadow grasshopper.

Such an alteration is unusual and not very understood, although it was already discovered in 1887. It takes place when an insect or animal shows:

  • a reduce or even absence of the normal pigment, or/and
  • the excessive production of other pigments.

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Pink grasshopper photographed in Texas garden on February 16, 2020. Picture by Allison Barger via Fox8

Spiritual meaning of grasshoppers

According to Answer: “The grasshopper is associated with astral travel. They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist.

People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning.

When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear.

Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways.So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation.

Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you.

This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world.Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why it is also a symbol of your inner voice.

It could be telling you to trust yours.

It’s just not easy being pink

You bet! Pink is not a good camouflage to hide in grass or trees.

Such pink grasshoppers have been documented in the UK, but it’s one of the first sightings in the US. So what’s going on? Are mutations increasing? More rare mutation stories on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Fox8]

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