M5.5 Earthquake hits Baja California (Mexico) and Shakes San Diego County (CA) Just a Few Days After Scientists Increased Rose Canyon Fault Earthquake Risk for San Diego


A shallow M5.5 earthquake hit Baja California, Mexico and was felt throughout San Diego County on March 6, 2020 evening.

This strong shaking comes just after geologists upgraded the risks of the Rose Canyon Fault that runs through the urban core of San Diego in California.

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M5.5 earthquake in Baja California (Mexico) shakes San Diego (California, USA). Earthquake map via USGS

The M5.5 earthquake struck near Coahuila, Mexico, roughly 167 miles southeast of San Diego.

Multiple individuals throughout Twitter and also Facebook rapidly responded to the quake.

Many reported feeling the tremor in Del Mar, Chula Vista and also in Arizona. Some also felt the rumbling as much north as Orange County.

Upgrade San Diego Earthquake Scenario

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute looked at the impact of a M6.9 earthquake along the Rose Canyon Fault on the region, since the fault line runs through the urban core of San Diego.

A quake of that magnitude would cause widespread damage. There are indeed about 120,000 buildings that could be damaged after a future earthquake on the Rose Canyon Fault.

According to the study, government agencies, religious centers and multi-family housing units built prior to 1990 are especially at risk, as San Diego’s building codes were updated in the 1990s.

Moreover, the dangerous quake could trigger a $38 billion financial loss in the community.

Again, this San Diego Big One is unpredictable… But according to the scientists, it is only a matter of time.

Of course, this isn’t the only earthquake that can damage San Diego as many other dangerous seismic faults are present in the region nearby. More earthquake news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [USGS, NBC San Diego]

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