The U.S. Has the World’s Highest Coronavirus Death Rate at More Than 5% – Even Higher Than Mainland China’s 3.7%! Probably More than 100,000 infected in the U.S.


The US has the world’s highest death rate for the new coronavirus.

Based on the ratio of confirmed deaths to reported cases, 5.4% of patients have died. That’s far higher than the global rate of 3.4% and even higher than mainland China’s 3.7%.

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USA has highest coronavirus death rate around the world. Map News24

Only the Philippines has a higher coronavirus death rate than the US, and that’s because it has only had three cases.

It’s highly unlikely that the coronavirus is more deadly in the U.S.; rather, the number is likely the result of limited testing in the U.S.

Until Wednesday, the agency only tested people who had recent exposure to a confirmed patient, had travelled to a country with an outbreak, or required hospitalization.

The CDC had only confirmed 99 cases across the country as of Thursday at noon. If you calculate the death rate based on only those federally verified cases, it jumps to roughly 10%. 

So the U.S. has not tested or diagnosed many patients with mild cases.

A Broad Cover-Up?

Because flawed tests and limited funding initially meant testing capacity in the U.S. was restricted, the CDC had tested only about 470 people in the US as of Sunday.

The CDC has since removed those testing numbers from its website, however. Meanwhile, Alex Azar, the US secretary of health and human services that 3,600 Americans had been tested.

South Korea, by contrast, has implemented free coronavirus-testing drive-thrus and tested more than 136,000 people. The country’s death rate is currently just 0.5% — 35 deaths out of a total of 6,088 reported infections.

Other countries are testing much more broadly than we are. We are trotting along while they’re racing along,” said William Schaffner, an infectious-disease specialist at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

To be sure, the US has a much lower case count overall than either South Korea or China, so any death significantly impacts the country’s fatality rate. But again, the low case count is likely due to how few people have been tested.

More than 100,000 infected in the U.S.?

The new CDC’s new testing standards are much more open-ended, saying that “clinicians should use their judgment” to determine if patients should be tested for the new coronavirus. 

US officials also said they are working to distribute more tests. Azar told ABC on Sunday that “we now have 75,000 tests available.”

The estimates we’re getting from industry right now — by the end of this week, close to a million tests will be able to be performed,” Dr. Stephen Hahn, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said at a White House press briefing on Monday. On Thursday, however, senators briefed on the matter said that timeline was unlikely.

Some experts say the US government should have taken steps to ramp up testing weeks ago.

It is well within the realm of possibility that there are 100,000 people infected with this right now in the United States. Healthcare providers may be being exposed, other patients may be being exposed, and until you can give confidence to people about those answers, we are in a crisis here,” said Yale professor Howard Forman, a radiologist and expert in healthcare management.

I try to understand why the WHO hasn’t declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. You can find a few words about the subject in a recent interview on Hagmann Report below:

More news and headlines about the current coronavirus pandemic on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [BI via AOL]

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  1. china is lying about there numbers
    100K dead
    8 crematoriums running 24 hours a day
    and they brought in mobile ones to Wuhan

  2. they suppose test 100 Millions Americans What happened. and why They let go passengers in Long Beach and took new passengers . We want to know why they have not quarantined
    for 3 weeks? Who ever ordered is treason against North Americans? All those passengers will get Corona and they are so damn.

  3. Given what we are seeing in other countries, that once you test positive, no matter how symptomless or near symptomless you are, the consequences for your neighbor of 2+ weeks house arrest, are dire. I would refuse a test, even a free one.

  4. that’s only because we eat the shittiest food, vaccines, chemtrails and hence have the most compromised immune systems.

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