Dead Bodies Pile Up in Qom’s Morgue as Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc in Iran (Video)


Dead bodies are “piling up” in Qom due to the coronavirus outbreak, an Iranian MP said on Wednesday.

He also warned that if the city is not quarantined, Iran will end up having the most deaths in the world due to the virus.

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Terrifying video shows dead bodies in a cemetery morgue in Qom Iran

Several Iranian officials have disputed the official coronavirus figures in Iran and criticised the government’s handling of the outbreak.

Corpses piling up in Qom and the helplessness of the people of Rasht are evidence of the failure in giving timely warnings about coronavirus,” tweeted Abdolkarim Hosseinzadeh on Wednesday.

And continued in the same Tweet: “You did not quarantine cities, but now that we are at the peak of the outbreak, at least make home quarantines mandatory in Qom and Rasht so that we do not become world record holders for the number of deaths linked to coronavirus.”

Bodies stacked in plastic bags inside a morgue

A viral video shows bodies stacked in plastic bags inside the Qom cemetery morgue. The person who filmed the terrifying video has been arrested by the authorities.

You can look at this graphic video below:

It’s unclear which, if any, of the people whose bodies lie in the morgue were infected with the coronavirus gripping the country… But I haven’t heard about another deadly virus wreaking havoc in Iran right now!

Under Islamic tradition in Iran, corpses are typically washed with soap and water before burial.

But two medical workers in Qom explained that in some cases precautions related to the outbreak are preventing staff from observing traditional Islamic guidelines for burial.

Official Cover Up

While the official death toll from the virus for the whole country stood at 12 on February 24, an MP from Qom said on the same day that 50 people had died from coronavirus in his city alone.

A lawmaker from the city of Rasht had also disputed the health ministry’s figures, saying that the death toll from coronavirus in Iran is “much higher” than the official death toll:

I have statistics about the number of deaths due to coronavirus from three different cemeteries in Rasht and I have to say that the numbers are much higher than what is being said.”

The total number of coronavirus deaths in Iran is 107 amid 3,513 confirmed cases, the health ministry said on Thursday. I think it’s far larger! Just look at these crazy people licking sacred shrines in temples in Iran‘s crisis epicenter. There are just insane! More coronavirus headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [AlArabiya, CNN]

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  1. Mike Pompeo calls for release of all Americans imprisoned in Corona as Iranian prisons spread

    As the Corona virus spreads in Iranian prisons, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on Tuesday that all Americans detained in Iran should be released.

    “On the basis of humanitarian principles, we demand the immediate release of all Americans wrongfully detained by Iran,” the US Secretary of State wrote on his Twitter page. “With the spread of Covid-1 in Iranian prisons, their incarceration is contrary to human dignity.”

    Pompey also went on to say that “every nation seeking humanitarian aid to Iran must seek the release of all citizens, both nationals and foreigners.”

    On Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also accused the Iranian government of being inadequate about his situation on the occasion of Robert Levinson’s disappearance and said in a statement: “The Iranian government has denied any information on his whereabouts or whereabouts for five years.” Has rejected. A claim that is invalid. ”

    “The Iranian regime has not adhered to its year-long commitment to reinstate Levinson,” said Brian Hook, head of Iran’s special task force at the US State Department, in a video message Tuesday morning.

    Javed Rahman, the UN Special Rapporteur on Iranian Affairs, also described during his media conference on Tuesday the conditions of political prisoners as well as foreign nationals and foreign prisoners in Iran’s prisons, saying that a number of dual nationals and citizens Foreigners in prisons are also at risk of coronavirus.

    According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the number of patients with coronary heart disease in Iran has risen to 8,800 as of Tuesday, and the death toll has risen to 5, with numerous reports of inmates being released in various prisons.

     Ibrahim Raisi, head of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic, had announced that by Monday, about 6,000 prisoners had been temporarily released to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

    Javed Rahman, the UN special rapporteur on Iranian affairs, said, however, that they had only released a number of prisoners sentenced to less than five years. While political prisoners, inmates with heavy penalties, as well as detainees and prisoners accused of participating in protest marches, often remain in prison.

    In addition, so far none of the dual nationals, foreign nationals imprisoned in Iran, including US citizens, have had recent orders to reduce the prison population at the time of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

    Speaking to a group of “American political elites” during a clerical and delicate visit to New York in October, Rouhani said: “The issue of prisoners is a humanitarian issue that talks about their situation in two The positive side will be. ” Hours before Rouhani’s speech, US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortegas wrote on his Twitter page: “The Iranian president wants the world to respect Iran. The Iranian regime must earn respect. “They can start by releasing Americans and other hostages.”

    After that, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “The Americans have not offered me an exchange of prisoners.” However, nearly two months later, despite growing tension between Iran and the US, officials in both countries In one case, they exchanged prisoners. In this exchange, the Islamic Republic of Iran released Xiao Wang, a Chinese-American scholar at Princeton University who had been detained and imprisoned in Iran for four years. The US also released Iranian scholar Massoud Soleimani for the release of Jiao Wang.

    Despite the welcoming of the two sides, negotiations on the release of other prisoners, including Iranian-American and American prisoners, were not continued or at least not publicly discussed.
    We ask release of Robert Bob Wilson ASAP and we do instruct him to go to Swiss Embassy in Iran. Since he doe snot have money any taxi drivers give him a ride to Swiss Embassy , will be paid good.

  2. I was very person due our INTEL in IRAN told they have made 2000 graves in QOUM city where mullahs schools there and 70 Chinese are there to get instructed to hit the 70 cities of world.
    We told you any one from ASIA and Iran and China , Seoul and
    every one needs be 3 weeks in quarantined. Now an act of Terrorism by Islamic Republic of Iran. New York Governor Cuomo declares state of emergency as corona virus cases rise to 76 after infected taxi driver walked in to Queens hospital and potentially infected 40 doctors and nurses?

    Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York on Saturday
    76 people in the state have now tested positive for corona virus; up from the 44 confirmed on Friday
    Disturbingly, two cases have been confirmed in the state’s northeast – the first outside the NYC region – indicating signs of wider spread
    More than 4000 people in the state have been urged to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease; Cuomo says many are not following protocol
    Nationwide, 377 people have tested positive to corona virus, and 14 people have died .
    I have told you we must close the border line in all North America, they never did. My Muslim Taxi Driver came close to me talk to me and i got it from him as well in Vancouver BC. These people are soldiers of Islam. They do what ever destroy our economy. If we do not Nuke Iran , they will nuke North America 1st?Islam lies to teeth. Since i am on immediately on home made colloidal silver strength of 30ppm. Still i am very tired and my fever is low with sneezing and sore throats.
    So far 3000 death and over 100,000 are infected in Iran. Just in less than 2 weeks in Tehran will be 7 Millions infected? PREPARE PREPARE WHERE EVER YOU ARE? DO NOT FORGET YOUR CASH 2000 DOLLARS in ANY NATIONS?

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