Natural Disaster Essay: Writing Tips for Students

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Students: Get help to write the best essay on natural disaster

One has to learn about natural disasters everywhere including kindergartens, schools, and, of course, colleges and universities.

It is a problem that does not differentiate between young and old, rich and poor. That is why a person should know what to expect and how to act in case a disaster occurs.

First of all, a student should get information about types of disasters and the danger they can cause. The table below gives basic information about types of disasters and the most crucial disasters.  

Type of the disasterWhat is it?The most dangerous case
HurricaneA strong wind that can reach 300 km/h and causes heavy rainsBhola cyclone (1970)
DroughtDry periods provided by lack of rainChina (1875-1879)
Volcanic eruptionThe explosion of a volcano that erupts lava, gases, and ashMount Tambora (1815)
FloodOverflow of water from oceans, lakes, and riversHuai, Yangtze, Huang He flood (1931)
EarthquakeMovement of tectonic platesShaanxi (1556)
TsunamiGiant destructive wavesIndian Ocean (2004)
TornadoGiant and fast whirlwindBangladesh (1989)
WildfireBurning vegetation that cannot be controlledPeshtigo (1871)
AvalancheBig amount of snow sliding down the mountainHuascaran (1970)

As soon as one decides what disaster to describe, it will be necessary to conduct research and find a worthy topic. Only a good topic can guarantee success. Students must look for valuable information on trustable websites.

What Are Requirements for Natural Disaster Essays

Professional essay writers from AdvancedWriters deal with different types of essays daily. They have shared secrets of successful essays.

Tip #1. Each paper has requirements

Even professional writers will never start writing the order without the requirements of the college. They need to know the type of essay, volume, deadline, formatting details, and structural peculiarities. Speaking about essays, the typical structure includes the title page, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The college can also demand the bibliography page and the appendix page.

The title tells about the topic. The introduction informs about the idea of the essay and the body supports it with explanations and facts. The conclusion summarizes the value of the essay.

Tip #2. Provide a valuable solution to the problem

Professors like to read papers that have a problem and an effective solution. For instance, a student can talk about some natural disaster, discuss the damage it can bring, and suggest the way the government and people can prevent the disaster or effectively cope with its consequences.

Moreover, a person can speak about natural disasters caused by human activity. For example, global warming, a pandemic of viruses, ozone holes, and pollution of water, air, and earth. Today students can write about the Coronavirus pandemic. They can discuss the possible origin of the virus, the speed of its spreading, and possible ways to stop it.

Tip #3. Keep in mind the type of the required essay

There are different types of essays. Students should keep in mind the demanded type of writing.

If the person writes a cause and effect essay, a student will have to talk about the reason for the disaster and the effect it provides.

Classification and division essays demand classifications of natural disasters, just like in the table above.

Compare and contrast essays will need a comparison of two catastrophes like avalanches and volcanic eruptions.

Expository papers just inform about the topic of the essay.

Descriptive writing depicts the disaster through 5 senses (eyes, ears, nose, skin, mouth).

Narrative papers tell a story and argumentative ones present a positive or negative explanation of the problem.

Process essays depict the way a concrete disaster occurs and destroys everything.

Sometimes students write a reflective paper to describe a personal experience like “What did I feel when the tornado approached my house?” This essay type is the most touching because it means that the writer has suffered from the disaster.

That is why a student should know what type of essay is required and what the paper should present.

Tips that Help Students Improve Their Writing Skills

Professionals use various online tools to provide excellent academic papers. The most popular one is Grammarly. This tool helps to find mistakes, wordy combinations, and plagiarized extracts.

Some apps underline sentences and word combinations that are hard to read. There are also various SEO analyzers. Their job is to identify keywords, their density, spam, number of words, stop words, and other details.

Students can look for other tools and use them during the writing and after the paper is finished. The most important thing is to practice as much as possible. First, it will be hard to remember everything but each new assignment will become easier thanks to acquired experience. Besides, students can study sample papers. Sometimes, students want to share their knowledge and run blogs where they publish their excellent works. Besides, one can find them on official websites of universities that post the best papers as samples.

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