Thousands of Fish Wash UP ALIVE on Beach in Acapulco, Mexico (Video)


Mother Nature is just terrible with us this year!

Even the wild animals, the birds of the sky, and the fish of the sea are disappearing.

Thousands of fish wash up on beach in Acapulco mexico, Thousands of fish wash up on beach in Acapulco video
Thousands of fish wash up on beach in Acapulco, Mexico. Picture via Youtube video

It is just terrifying what’s happening to our ecosystems worldwide. The environmental collapse is on its way and will hit with an unprecedented power.

While Africa suffers enormous swarms of locusts and Europe mysterious bird mass die-offs, another impressive animal kill occurred in Mexico in the last few days.

As shown in the video below, thousands of fish have washed up alive on a beach in Acapulco, prompting crowds of local residents and fishermen to collect the fish and thus violate the Mexican lockdown in place. In the same footage you can also watch images from a similar incident in Choroní, Aragua, Venezuela.

Although many locals say this beaching is due to the absence of fishermen due to the lockdown, officials believe the fish approached the shore while hunting for sardines.

Mass stranding are increasing

While, fish mass stranding of fish is not uncommon, the number of these incidents has risen in the last few years.

Scientists still cannot say for sure what causes this unusual behaviour.

Theories range from underwater seismic activity, lingering effects of oil spills, and exposure to sonar, to extreme weather factors.

The recent incident comes a week after a red tide and its bioluminescent planktons turned the water glowing blue from California to Mexico.

It is known that red tides are associated with wildlife mortalities and harmful human exposure, as they release toxins. Is there a link there?

Meanwhile in Scotland, thousands of seabirds are washing up dead or very weak. Is this all connected?

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